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Introducing New A Pound of Flesh Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Canvases

Say "hi" to the latest selection of tattooable skins by A Pound of Flesh, now available in 4 Fitzpatrick skin tones.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: May 27, 2021

Array of Micro series tattooable practice skins by A Pound of Flesh in 4 new Fitzpatrick skin tones

Did somebody say… new flesh? 

A Pound of Flesh, known for tattooable practice skins of all varieties, has just expanded its selection. Now, tattoo artists can choose from four skin tones in a variety of canvas creations, from the synthetic hand to the Micro Series shield.  

These new additions to the A Pound of Flesh line offer a chance for tattoo artists who love APOF products to add more skin tones to their 3D portfolios or practice arsenals. Each new skin tone is based on the Fitzpatrick scale. 

So, what is the Fitzpatrick scale? Comprehensive scale of Fitzpatrick skin types via Abella's Skin Care

Developed in 1975 by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, the Fitzpatrick scale classifies skin type by the amount of melanin it has, also known as pigmentation. The scale was intended to determine how likely certain skin types are to burn when exposed to the sun. There are six Fitzpatrick skin types in total, each offering generalized descriptions of the skin types, hair color, eye color, and undertones that are typically associated with a certain amount of melanin. 

Since the development of the Fitzpatrick scale, folks have used the schema as a reference point for determining what precautions they should take on a hot summer day. Additionally, with the development of permanent makeup (PMU) and cosmetic tattooing, PMU artists have used the Fitzpatrick scale as a reference point to gauge which pigments will interact well with any given client’s skin type. 

Of course, the Fitzpatrick scale does not begin to encompass the countless skin tones, pigmentations, and unique complexions of the world. That said, the scale can be used as a helpful but general reference point. 

Tattooable synthetic hands with wrists by A Pound of Flesh in 4 Fitzpatrick skin tonesMoving Forward 

With the addition of new items in different Fitzpatrick skin tones, A Pound of Flesh demonstrates an effort for inclusiveness. A Pound of Flesh continues to be innovative in their mission by offering tattooable synthetic skins that most closely recreate the experience of tattooing real skin. 

From the tattooable guinea pig to the shrunken head of tattoo artist Jesse Smith, you can always count on surprises from this quirky brand. 

A Micro View A Pound of Flesh tattooable Micro series practice skins featuring a new school beetle tattoo on 4 Fitzpatrick skin tones  

While we’re on the topic of small but important strides, might we suggest checking out the A Pound of Flesh Micro Series line of small, hand-held products? The Micro Series line offers a variety of unique shapes that are great for showcasing your work, either as wall art or as part of a 3D portfolio. These Micro Series items all measure approximately 5.5” wide by 7” long and have a 0.25” thickness. 

Many of these Micro Series items are now available in the new Fitzpatrick skin tones. Shop the whole line today and tattoo yourself a lil’ masterpiece.  


Image of Fitzpatrick scale via

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