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Introducing The Lucky 13 Artist Fund: Giving Back to Those Who Give Us Art

The Lucky 13 Artist Fund provides to relief to artists facing catastrophe and hardship. Learn more about this organization and its initiatives.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: March 16, 2023

The body art industry is a vibrant community and an essential part of our cultural landscape. At the heart of this thriving industry are the artists, whose work uplifts the world and impacts the lives of many. It’s important that we give back to those artists who enrich our lives; and the nature of “giving back” is to acknowledge that our true success relies on the everyday contributions of those around us.  

That’s why we’re proud to officially launch The Lucky 13 Artist Fund, an organization of leading brands in the tattoo, piercing, and PMU communities.  This movement is dedicated to supporting artists that are experiencing tragedy or hardship. With the Lucky 13 Artist Fund, we’re not simply giving back; we’re returning the favor.  

The “Why” behind the Lucky 13 Artist Fund

Tattoo artist looking depressed on a couch

Historically, when artists went through illness, natural disaster, or other catastrophes, they often didn’t have anywhere to turn. Many artists lack safety nets like health or life insurance. On top of that, there haven’t been dedicated support systems in place for artists. This is largely because studios are part of a unique industry that some consider “niche,” so they’re not often considered for government aid or relief programs. As a result, many artists have faced joblessness, debt, and loss of purpose while trying to cope with unexpected tragedies. To stay afloat, they’ve had to count on GoFundMe programs and other less reliable means of support. 

The Lucky 13 Fund came together with a mission to bridge this gap and offer the reliable support artists desperately need during challenging times. With our combined years of experience as leading brands in the industry, we’ve been inspired to see artists come together and support each other countless times… and it’s high time we offered them a more stable support system.

While each brand in The Lucky 13 Fund has historically been involved with “‘give back”’ initiatives, the industry has never seen a collective movement dedicated wholly to supporting artists in times of need. 

Creating a formal fund allows us to give back to the artistic community in a more meaningful way. This organization operates as an efficient chain of communication with a common goal. United in our efforts to assist artists in need, we can now reach more artists around the globe and respond more quickly to disasters and hardship.

As a collective, we provide funds, supplies, and relief resources that make a huge difference in the lives of those affected. Whether it’s a broken wrist that prevents an artist from working or a devastating fire that destroys a shop, we aim to be a sturdy pillar artists can lean on for much needed support.  

Art Meets Action

Remains of a tattoo shop after the effects of Hurricane Ian

In September 2022, Hurricane Ian struck and devastated the careers and livelihoods of many artists and shop owners. The Lucky 13 Artist Fund — months away from its planned launch — responded immediately, providing aid to 12 tattoo and piercing shops that were affected. From over $30,000 in supplies to financial contributions, our support helped over 45 artists and their families to rebuild.  

Artists in need can apply for funding or be nominated by members of the body art community to receive relief here. Every relief request we receive is reviewed by a committee consisting of members from each of our funding partners. The review process helps us to ensure we can provide the most impactful relief possible. 

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of artists across the body art industry. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our organization, please visit 

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