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March Madness Sale 2022: Save on the Best Brands

Our annual March Madness Giveaway has begun! Before you cast your vote, check out the competing products… maybe there are a few brands you’ve been meaning to try and haven’t gotten to yet. Now’s your chance to get familiar with the contestants.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: June 1, 2022

Voting is officially over for March Madness. But that doesn’t mean the madness has ended completely! You can still save big on all the competing products. Now, 4/4 through 4/10, save up to $250 on top-dollar tattoo machines and save 15% on all other competing brands. Check out our full March Madness sale here.

And if you need help filling your cart, check out the deets on all our top-selling brands below.

  1. Top Tattoo Machines
  2. Top Ink Brands
  3. Best-Selling Tattoo Needles
  4. Artist-Favorite Tattoo Glide
  5. Popular Stencil Applicators
  6. Quality tattoo Aftercare
  7. Go-To Gloves


FK Irons EXO modular tattoo machine standing upright on the left with a blue background next to the Peak Solice tattoo machine standing upright on the right with a red background


Both of these modular machines let you switch easily between RCA and wireless tattooing.

With THE EXO, you get a special forward weighted designed for maximum tattooing comfort and control. Additionally, this pen machine is Bluetooth-enabled and pairs with your Darklab app for eGive adjustments on the fly. The EXO also comes with one or two PowerPacks and is also available in 3 stroke lengths: 2.5mm, 3.2mm, and 4.0mm. Now, vote for the EXO if you’re a versatile artist who likes to switch up your stroke and your setup style.


THE SOLICE gives you an unmatched price point for a kick-ass modular machine without compromising quality. Moreover, this machine also gives you two grips – one ergonomic 31mm grip and an extra tapered grip. The Peak Solice has a 3.5mm stroke for any style; but you can also switch it up with a 4mm cam for all your bolder work. Vote for the Solice if Peak is your go-to brand for the best tattoo supplies and you’re looking to reap the benefits of a wireless and RCA setup.

Picture of Bishop Wand standing upright on the left with a blue background versus picture of the Cheyenne Sol Nova wireless tattoo machine standing upright on the right with a red background 


If you prefer a separate machine for specific styles, BISHOP WANDS may just have your vote. The Wands come as a liner, packer, or shader (so you can choose one or own them all). Above all, the Wands are designed in collaboration with top tattooers in the game.


If you think Cheyenne consistently offers the best tattoo supplies, it’s time to vote for the CHEYENNE SOL NOVA UNLIMITED, one of the quietest machines on the market. Additionally, the Sol Nova Unlimited makes voltage adjustment easy as possible with one simple button and motion-activated settings. Finally, the Sol Nova is available with a 3.5mm or 4.0mm stroke length according to your style.


Three 2oz bottles of World Famous Ink at the top of the image with a blue background overtop three 2oz bottles of Solid Ink on the bottom of the image with a red background


Vote for WORLD FAMOUS INK if you’ve been using it for years and know just how well it makes your work pop. From any color you can think of to neutrals, grays, and solid blacks, World Famous has everything you need for a complete palette. Moreover, it’s a go-to brand for full-color tattooers, black and gray artists, and everyone in between.


SOLID INK delivers some of the most solid healed results on the market. Also, Solid Ink has some of the highest pigment-loaded inks on the market. Plus, Solid Ink delivers when it comes to longevity, with healed results that stand out brightly on your clients’ skin. If you’re all about a robust, bold, highly pigmented color selection, vote for Solid Ink.

Three bottles of Eternal Ink with a blue background overtop three bottles of Intenze Ink with a red background


It’s not called ETERNAL INK for nothing. Firstly, this classic brand withstands the test of time. That’s why artists have been using it consistently for years. And secondly, you can count on inks that are bright, bold, and superfluid for the smoothest sessions. Diehard Eternal lovers, it’s time to cast your vote for these long-lasting inks and make sure they make it to the end!


If you tattoo a lot of nature scenes or vibrant colorwork, cast your vote for INTENZE INK. is one of the most vivid and vibrant inks you’ll find on the market. A favorite of artists like Mario Gregor, Intenze ink has everything you need for bright colorwork, black and gray, and small details like highlighting. No matter what you’re doing, your healed results will be… intens(z)e. 

One bottle of Dynamic Triple Black with a blue background next to one bottle of Allegory Blak with a red background


DYNAMIC black and greywash inks give you everything you need for bold linework, light to dark shading, and rich blackwork. If you voted for Dynamic Triple Black in the contest, now’s your chance to save on all Dynamic black and graywash inks. Plus, save on their solid color selection as well.


ALLEGORY BLAK AND WHITE are a classic duo some artists swear by. These inks have a creamy consistency and excellent flow rate. They also pair well together for linework and highlighting in any tattoo. Take advantage of 15% off this pair and bolster your palette today.


A go-to for artists around the globe, INTENZE INK is… well, intense. It delivers some of the richest blacks and most vibrant colors on the market. If you voted for Zuper Black during March Madness, now’s your chance to grab all your favorite Intenze inks at a huge discount. 

Bottle of World Famous Blackout Ink standing upright against a blue background next to bottle of Zuper Black Ink by Intenze against a red background



Box of Peak Triton cartridge needles with a blue background overtop box of Precision cartridge needles with a red background


PEAK TRITON CARTRIDGES have already made a huge stir at conventions and on social media. In fact, artists everywhere have already made it their new go-to cartridge. Triton gives you unparalleled precision and control with US-patented linear technology. A red plunger ball keeps your needles true and on track even when you’re color-packing with your biggest magnums. Peak cartridge lovers will want to vote for these bad boys.


An excellent voting choice for artists of all styles, PRECISION CARTRIDGES are super consistent and steady. They feature a precision-molded stabilizer so you can tattoo with control. Boasting a huge variety of taper options and configurations, these Precision Cartridges are also color-coded according to needle type. 

Cheyenne Safety Cartridge Needles with a blue background overtop Kwadron cartridge needles with a red background


CHEYENNE SAFETY CARTRIDGES offer 61 different needle configurations, which means they’re ultra-versatile for ANY tattooing style. Plus, featuring a state-of-the-art patented safety membrane, these cartridges are some of the safest, most hygienic needles on the market. They pair well with some of the best tattoo supplies and machines for smooth, clean tattooing. Vote for these cartridges if you’re all about a huge needle variety for a wide scope of tattooing styles.


KWADRON CARTRIDGES are a top-selling brand known for their razor-sharpness and optimal penetration (and they stay sharp over time, too). Your ink will go in smoothly without trauma to your client’s skin. Plus, these cartridges are specially designed to eliminate any swaying, wobbling, or inconsistencies. Kwadron certainly has the vote of passionate Kwadron lovers who’ve been using these razor-sharp needles for years.


Two tubs of Recovery Glide over a blue background over top one tub of Nikko Hurtado's Vegan Blue Cream over a red background


Artists everywhere dig RECOVERY GLIDE for its soothing, gentle application before, during, and after tattooing. It not only prepares the skin for your best work but also encourages vibrancy and longevity (so your healed work looks even better). Additionally, this excellent tattoo lubricant does its magic with all-natural emollients like shea butter, jojoba oil, lavender oil, and more. Vote for Recovery Glide if you love these natural ingredients and the soothing benefits Recovery is known for!


The secret ingredient to NIKKO’S VEGAN BLUE CREAM? Turmeric. This magic little addition to an already-stellar formula keeps your client’s skin calm by reducing inflammation before, during, and after tattooing. Moreover, this cream is totally vegan (obviously), and is brought to you by renowned tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado.

One tub of INKEEZE Green Glide with a blue background over top one tub of Hustle Butter by Richie Bulldog with a red background


Vote for INKEEZE Green for cleaner tattoo tubes and lanolin-free excellence. Made with vitamins A, C, D, and E, INKEEZE Green delivers the best-healed results with nutrients your client’s skin needs. Being lanolin-free, this glide doesn’t sap away any color during the healing process. It also has the perfect creamy-smooth consistency for optimal tattooing without any gunk in your tattoo tubes.


HUSTLE BUTTER is now known as an effective, fan-favorite classic in the industry (and beyond). Enriched with natural mango, cocoa, and shea butters, Hustle Butter smells good enough to eat. Plus, this “butter’ has a light consistency that keeps your client’s skin protected, but still easy to tattoo. Vote for Hustle Butter for the killer smell and even better results.


One bottle of Electrum Stencil Primer with a blue background next to one bottle of Stencil Stuff with a red background


Vote for ELECTRUM STENCIL PRIMER if you’re all about more bang for your buck. This primer gives you hundreds of effortless stencil applications with just one 2oz bottle. A dime-sized drop is enough for full forearm coverage. You can also use this handy primer for your hand-drawn stencils… oh, and it smells pretty amazing, too.


Vote for STENCIL STUFF if you find yourself repositioning your stencils a lot. This artist-favorite stencil primer lets you reapply your stencil as many times as you need without losing ANY stencil details. Just wipe your original stencil away, reposition with Stencil Stuff, and go.

One bottle of Hulk Stencil Bond on a blue background next to one bottle of Recovery Stencil Lock on a red background


No need for lotion or spray when you choose HULK PROFESSIONAL SUPER BOND. This Herculean stencil application formula lays your stencils down reliably on any surface. You can use it with carbon sheets, Spirit paper, and skin markers for hand-drawn work. Vote for this stencil primer if you want an ultra-sturdy bond.


As with all Recovery products, RECOVERY STENCIL LOCK is gentle, skin-friendly, and prevents any irritation on your client’s skin. Not only does it produce crisp stencil transfers, but it can be easily wiped away with any of your favorite rinse solutions. Recovery lovers are sure to cast their vote for this reliable, gentle Stencil Lock.


One box of Saniderm tattoo aftercare on a blue background overtop one tub of Mad Rabbit tattoo aftercare balm on a red background


SANIDERM reduces your or your client’s healing times by keeping dirt, debris, and the elements away from healing tattoos. Plus, it’s breathable and light unlike a lot of aftercare solutions that clog up the skin. Easy, quick healing is the word on the street when it comes to Saniderm, and you can count on the best-healed results. If you’re all about the speediest possible recovery, Saniderm could be the vote for you.


MAD RABBIT is your go-to vote if you really want your tattoos to shine. The full line of Mad Rabbit includes a soothing gel, sunscreen, and balm in your choice of three amazing scents: Frankincense & Lavender, Vanilla Coconut, or Cucumber. All of these products have a light application and are designed to protect tattoos and make colors stand out, old or new. 

One roll of Recovery Derm Shield aftercare bandages on a blue background over top one opened tub of Tattoo Goo aftercare balm on a red background


RECOVERY DERM SHIELD is the lightest, most flexible matte film aftercare bandage around. Breathable and skin-friendly, Derm Shield became an instant favorite for artists everywhere the second it hit the market. If you’ve seen what this bandage can do, you know it’s worthy of your vote.


TATTOO GOO is an industry staple that relies on natural emollients to enhance your tattoo’s healed results. Things like olive oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, and rosemary extract reduce inflammation and heal the skin effectively. This formula is also lanolin- and petroleum-free, so it won’t clog your client’s pores or cause breakouts. Vote Tattoo Goo if you prefer a balm that’s light and effective.



Latex-free with a textured surface, BLACKWORK GLOVES give you a firm grip and a skin-friendly experience. These gloves are also super-flexible to cut back on any hand or wrist fatigue while tattooing. Vote for Blackwork to give your wrists some slack.

MIDKNIGHT GLOVES are also latex-free and give you impeccable protection, manufactured with precision to avoid any pinhole defects. We know… gloves can’t be too exciting, but it’s still cool to be as protected as can be while tattooing. So vote Midknight for that extra protection!


Maybe PHANTOM GLOVES are your go-to for being powder-free, which cuts down on the risk of chemical buildup during procedures. Or maybe you just like them because they look great, feel great, and have a textured, firm grip. Cast your vote for Phantom if you’re all about functional PPE that’s also stylish.

BLACK DRAGON GLOVES are dark enough to hide any stains while tattooing. They also have a double polymer coating that keeps your grip super-secure. Shoppers who have used them for years say they have “just the right thickness.” If Black Dragon is the right feel for you, cast your vote today.


For more in-depth product reviews on all the best tattoo supplies, check out our YouTube page. Additionally, for more in-depth product reviews, head over to our Instagram. You’ll find close-ups and first impressions of your favorite products. 

The top-voted items will sell fast during our March Madness Sale! Head to our Web store to claim your favorites now before they go. 

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