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The Return of Tattoo Conventions in 2021

Great news: tattoo conventions are making a comeback in 2021! Learn more and check out our interview with Troy Timpel.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: May 16, 2021

2021 tattoo conventions featuring tattoo artists Jesse Smith, Timothy Boor, Ron Russo, and more

We’ve got great news for artists and collectors alike — tattoo conventions are coming back in 2021!

Tattoo conventions are among the many events artists and collectors sorely missed during 2020. While much of the year ahead remains uncertain, it’s heartening to know that (with the proper precautions) we can start opening a few doors.

Villain Arts hosts some of the most popularly attended tattoo conventions nationwide. Returning this year with the events, contests, eclectic vendors, and star-studded attendants lists they’re known for, Villain Arts will also be implementing several precautions to ensure the safety of all who attend.

This month, we caught up with Villain Arts owner Troy Timpel to ask about the challenges of relaunching conventions during the pandemic, as well as what guests can expect.

Dan Lorenzo: So as of this minute… I’m coming to your Atlanta convention. How will it be different from the last time I saw you?
Troy Timpel: We are really looking forward to hosting an event again. COVID is still a thing today (2-2-2021) Johnson and Johnson and Novavax both made announcements this week for their vaccine. Both should be available soon to the public.

We think that the average of 1.3 [million] US citizens getting vaccinated per day will go up dramatically in the next few weeks. I think that by the Atlanta show in 6 weeks, the COVID numbers will be retreating and hopefully vaccinations will be easier for the general public to get. We are making the booths bigger and the aisles larger also to “loosen” the show floor for the public.

It will make social distancing easier in the convention floor. Instead of a 10′ x 10′ booth, the booths are 10′ x 12′ and the aisles instead of 10′ are now 12′. We will be doing [temperature] checks at the door and social distancing layouts for the stage area. I think that it will be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Obviously, a mask is required as well.

How frustrating is it to host a convention during a pandemic?
It is hard to host the event, but COVID is a real risk, and we must be diligent for safety of our guests. Keeping people wearing masks and keeping social distancing will be important to the show. Security also will be monitoring the capacity attendance for the event to make sure it is not too many people for safety.

What are your requirements for the general public to enter?
Masks!! Temperature checks. We also have kiosks for buying tickets to keep interaction for ticketing sales down.

Villain Arts Regulations for COVID-19

While Troy Timpel touched on several of the key ground rules that guests can expect in the upcoming Villain Arts tattoo conventions, there are plenty of other regulations to bear in mind. Attendants can expect the following:

  1. Masks will be enforced and should be worn at all times
  2. Temperature checks will be taken with a touchless forehead thermometer
  3. Floor plans will be more spaced out and 6’ distancing will be encouraged
  4. Each booth will be separated by an 8’ sidewall drape
  5. The stage area will be a larger open space
  6. Stage seating will be separated into 2, 4, and 6 chair groupings for “family unit” seating to encourage social distancing
  7. No food or drink will be permitted in any procedural area
  8. Only the tattooer and the client are permitted in the tattoo station areas at the same time
  9. Handwashing will be available at each station, both for the public and the tattoo artists
  10. Hand sanitizer dispensers will also be available at each venue
  11. Regular cleaning and sanitizing will occur throughout the venue and on commonly used surfaces

Please also note that artists will be required – as always – to hold BBP certificates and implement proper bloodborne safety and cross-contamination procedures during the tattoo process. Release forms will likewise be required that disclose all tattooing safety measures as well as the venue’s specific regulations.

Advanced ticketing is encouraged for a faster, safer, and more efficient entry process, so buy your tickets today!

Upcoming Villain Arts Tattoo Conventions

Check out the full list of Villain Arts tattoo conventions returning in 2021. Check out the Villian Arts website for more information about any of these events. Note that information is still pending for several of these conventions.

Villain Arts header image advertising Villain arts tattoo conventions

4th Annual Atlanta Tattoo Convention: March 12th–14th
11th Annual Chicago Tattoo Convention: April 9th–11th
13th Annual Baltimore Tattoo Convention: April 23rd–25th
12th Annual Minneapolis Tattoo Convention: April 30th–May 2nd
6th Kansas City Tattoo Convention: May 7th–9th
3rd Annual Cincinnati Tattoo Convention: May 14th–16th
1st Annual Nashville Tattoo Convention: May 21st–23rd
9th Annual Louisville Tattoo Convention: May 28th–30th
3rd Annual Houston Tattoo Convention: June 4th–6th
6th Annual Cleveland Tattoo Convention: June 11th–13th
3rd Annual Council Bluffs Tattoo Convention: June 18th–20th
3rd Annual Oklahoma City Tattoo Convention: July 9th–11th
1st Annual Little Rock Tattoo Convention: July 30th–August 1st
11th Annual Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash: August 6th–August 8th
2nd Annual Dallas Tattoo Convention: August 20th–22nd
23rd Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Convention: September 10th–12th
4th Annual Denver Tattoo Convention: September 17th–19th
11th Annual Milwaukee Tattoo Convention: October 1st–3rd
7th Annual Tampa Tattoo Convention: October 22nd–24th
2nd Annual Asheville: November 5th–7th
3rd Annual New Orleans Tattoo Convention: November 19th–21st

Other Upcoming Tattoo Conventions

Evergreen Tattoo Arts: October 1st–3rd
Carnival of Ink: March 19th–21st
Asheville Tattoo Arts Festival: March 26th–28th
All American Tattoo Convention: April 16th–18th
Denver Arts Festival: May 29th–30th
Middle of the Map: April 30th–May 2nd
Kansas City Arts Festival: September 24th–26th
Tattoo the Lou: May 7th–9th
Ink & Arms Wilmington, North Carolina: May 29th–31st
The New York Tattoo Convention: May 21st–23rd
Loveland Colorado Convention: May 21st–23rd
Ink Mania: June 11th–13th
Ruidoso Tattoo Expo: June 18th–20th
Anime Ink: October 22nd–24th
208 Tattoo Fest – Idaho: July 10th–12th
Battlefield Tattoo Expo: Jul 9th–11th
NY Empire – Ultimate: July 23rd–25th
Akron’s Rubber City Tattoo Expo: Jul 30–Aug 1
Little Rock Tattoo Arts Fest: July 30th–Aug 1
Wildwood Arts Festival: June 26th
Carnival of Ink: March 19th–21st
Knoxville Tattoo Expo: August 20th–22nd
Dallas Tattoo Arts Festival: August 20th–22nd
Resurrection Island Tattoo Expo: Sep 3rd–Sep 5th
Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention: February 19th–21st
Golden State Expo: September 17th–19th
Colorado Tattoo Expo: Oct 1st–3rd
Evergreen Tattoo Invitational: October 1st–3rd
Southern Maryland Tattoo Expo (Hypnotique Ink): Oct 15th–Oct 17th
Noco Tattoo Convention: May 29th–31st
Milwaukee Tattoo Arts Festival: October 1st–3rd
Birmingham Tattoo Expo: October 8th–10th
Tampa Tattoo Arts Festival: October 22nd–24th
Atlantic City Tattoo Expo: Nov 5th–7th
New Orleans Tattoo Arts Fest: September 10th–12th

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