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Semi-Annual Clearance Blowout Sale — Shop Up to 50% Off 

Our Blowout Clearance Sale has arrived for the first time ever! Check out our top 9 favorites.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: August 17, 2021

Presenting to you — our first-ever Clearance Blowout Sale! With this new semi-annual event, we’re offering quality products from brands like World Famous, Recovery, Eternal Ink, and more at prices that won’t break the bank. You’ll also find markdowns on brands we’ve never discounted before, like EGO and Stigma-Rotary.

This new sale is part of our mission to help you create killer body art with the best products out there. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to say goodbye to summer as we head into busier seasons. The sale is now live on our Web store, today through August 20th. That’s over two weeks of opportunities for you to browse our hand-selected items from top-rated brands. Here are just a few of our favorite items you’ll want to check out before prices return to normal.  

Our Top 9 Blowout Items 

Stigma-Rotary Jet 

In a PainfulPleasures first, we’re discounting some Stigma-Rotary machines. We’re huge fans of the Jet hybrid rotary machine because of its versatility. With a 3.5mm stroke length and a 4W motor, the Jet allows you to experiment with a wide variety of styles and techniques. At this price, why not give it a try? We also have a video on the Jet for more deets on this killer machine.

Stigma-Rotary Jet Power 

If you’re looking for a little more punch, check out the Jet Power. Easily tackle tough skin with its 4mm stroke and a 6W motor. Create crisp, bold lines at a fraction of what you would normally pay for a quality machine. Remember, no matter which Stigma-Rotary model you choose, you can count on a solid hit with no give. 

EGO Apex Overkill 

Calling all EGO fans! Take advantage of this rare half-price offer on the Apex Overkill. Its Maxon motor helps you find your sweet spot even at a low voltage setting. Not only that, but you can take advantage of tattoo artist Bez’s “power triangles” — color-coded triangles in varying densities. They operate like the front and rear springs of a coil machine, so you can adjust the give and throw to your liking.

Gold Plated Nucleus Wireless Power Supply 

This gold-plated gem performs flawlessly with Hard Life Rotary tattoo machines. You can enjoy up to 16 hours of tattooing with the Nucleus Power Supply, which only takes about 2.5 hours to charge. That’s technically up to 32 hours of tattooing since you get two battery packs with every purchase. Plus, its polished gold plating looks dope on any machine. Grab yourself two for a blowout sale price today! 

 Eternal Ink 12-Bottle Zombie Set 

Ironically, the Eternal Zombie Color Set can really bring your tattoos to life. Complete with everything you need for a wide array of tattooing styles, this 12-bottle set comes with reliable flesh tones, vibrant pigments for a pop of color, and a bold Triple Black for lining and blackwork. You’ll also find other tattoo inks to bolster your palette from sought-after brands like Eternal, SkinCandy, Holdfast, Millennium Mom’s, and Intenze. 

Sapphire Pro™ Permanent Makeup Machine Kit 

The Sapphire Pro™ Permanent Makeup Machine kit is a dependable and high-quality option for beginning permanent makeup artists and professionals. It’s super-lightweight, easy to maneuver, and comfortable to hold. It comes with everything you need, including casings, tips, needles, lubricant, and more! 

BioTouch Single Use Permanent Makeup Pigment 

Here’s another excellent choice for beginning permanent makeup artists. BioTouch single-use pigments come as 6 3mL bottles. If you haven’t found the right cosmetic pigment for you just yet, this is a great place to start. BioTouch is one of the leading providers of permanent and semi-permanent makeup supplies on the market. You’ll find marked-down pigment options great for lip and areola tattooing that heal beautifully. 

Recovery Saline Wash 

It’s one of our most frequently purchased products. Recovery Saline Wash is naturally derived, soothing, and so many piercing clients’ go-to aftercare choice — and the healthy, spectacular healed results don’t lie. This is a great opportunity to stock up on quality Recovery Saline Wash while the getting is good. 

Cranial Visions Hardback Book 

Whether you’re into summer reading or you just want a glossy coffee table collection for your shop lobby, we’ve got a few marked-down tattoo books for you. For mind-blowing inspiration, we recommend the Cranial Visions Hardback Coffee Table-Style Collection. It’s packed with full-color work by 258 world-famous artists like Nikko Hurtado, Jesse Smith, Mike DeVries, Bob Tyrell, and more.  

Check all of the items in our Semi-Annual Clearance Blowout sale here.  

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