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Sharp Focus Realism In Oil – DVD from Nick Baxter at Painful

By Nick Baxter Renowned tattoo artist and oil painter Nick Baxter has condensed over 10 years of artistic knowledge into one book. Both formally schooled in oil painting at the college level and self-taught through years of honing his style in the tattoo industry, Nick brings these two worlds together into a simple formula in his specialty: Sharp-focus realism. Aimed specifically at helping tattoo artists who are seeking to expand their artistic practice into a second medium, this book makes many helpful comparisons between the tattoo and painting mediums; at the same time, it encompasses enough information to be of immense value to all aspiring realist oil painters, from beginner to intermediate level. Nick discusses in-depth strategies for developing precise technical skills and a unique personal style, in the process revealing many of his own techniques and preferences including a groundbreaking section offering critical insight on the often-overlooked mental game of creating inspired works of art. Laced throughout with full-page color plates of a wide selection of Nick’s paintings throughout the years, this book will satisfy not only aspiring painters but also fans of Nick’s art, and of realism in general. Printed in North America on recycled paper, using eco-friendly inks.

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