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Tips for Sternum Tattoos

Things to bear in mind if you're looking to get an underboob tattoo.

by andrew Last Updated: May 16, 2021

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If you are in search of eye-catching and attractive ink, the underboob tattoo may be the right choice for you. They've become very popular in recent years; it could have something to do with singer Rihanna's viral tattoo of the goddess Isis, or it could just be the versatility that's attracting new clients. The location lends itself to a wide variety of options — sometimes big and bold, sometimes small and subtle, these versatile tattoos can be easy to conceal and equally as easy to show off. These tattoos are usually placed directly under the breasts, but can expand between the cleavage or over and beyond the sternum, depending on the design.underboob tattoo, sternum tattoo, tattoos

Some people have called the underboob tattoo the sexiest tattoo trend ever, but there are some things you should be aware of before going for it. Tattooing underneath the breasts means that the tattoo will probably have to go over the sternum. This brings up a couple of points; one is that it's fairly painful to get a tattoo over bone, and some people claim that the sternum is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. Tattooing over extra-sensitive areas requires more precision; it is much more difficult and time-consuming.

Due to the difficulty of tattooing in this region, you should be selective when looking for a tattoo artist. You will want someone with experience giving tattoos on this area of the body. Chances are, you will also have to show your artist how your breasts sit without a bra, so that they can accurately place the tattoo. Therefore, you will want to choose someone you're comfortable with — a professional artist you can trust in a vulnerable setting. Females may want to look for a female artist, and may want to ask for a private room if one is available at the studio.

Something to keep in mind is that you will not be able to wear a bra the day you get tattooed; it is, in fact, unlikely that you will be comfortable in a bra for up to a week after the procedure. Wearing something tight, like a bra, over the affected area could irritate it and cause an inflammatory effect.owl tattoo, underboob tattoo, sternum tattoo

It is also important to mention the struggle of keeping an underboob tattoo wrapped up. Even with some of the newer bandages on the market, these tattoos can be tricky to keep covered and safe. This means you may have to go without a wrap or bandage, and allow your tattoo to heal without anything between your skin and your clothes. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear darker colors during this period; bleeding, oozing, and other exudate can stain lighter colored clothes. You may also want to consider using darker colored sheets during the healing process for the same reason.

One final tip: as with any tattoo, you'll want to avoid showing off your brand new piece or soaking it immediately after the procedure. Sun exposure, baths, and chlorine from pools can impede the healing process, putting you at risk for bacterial infection and potentially damaging the tattoo. Be sure to plan ahead, keep your ink covered while it's healing, and use plenty of sunblock when it's time to show things off!

Bear in mind, these precautions are only intended to keep you safe and encourage a healthy healing process. These warnings shouldn't deter you from getting some really cool ink! Underboob tattoos can be truly unique, and they are only getting more popular. If you’re looking to get one, be sure to do your research, heed these recovery tips, and take care of your custom piece!

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