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Top 10 Tattoo Products You Need This Black Friday

It’s almost here. Our ultimate Black Friday sale event — and we’re going harder than we’ve ever gone before. Brace yourself for the steepest discounts you’ve ever seen on artist-favorite brands. Now’s the time to get your wish list together. As the countdown begins, set an alarm for midnight on November 22nd. That’s when our […]
by Danny Tress Last Updated: June 1, 2022

It’s almost here. Our ultimate Black Friday sale event — and we’re going harder than we’ve ever gone before. Brace yourself for the steepest discounts you’ve ever seen on artist-favorite brands. Now’s the time to get your wish list together.

As the countdown begins, set an alarm for midnight on November 22nd. That’s when our sale event starts, and you’ll want to claim the best items as soon as they’re marked down. You’ll have till December 3rd to fill your cart with the best products at the steepest discounts of the year. To help you prepare, here are our top 10 products your setup needs this year. Check them out below, complete with glowing reviews from other artists and shoppers who’ve tried them out.

1. FK Irons Flux Wireless Tattoo Machine with 2 PowerBolts

Discount: $1,199.99  $1,049.95

You won’t find a wireless all-rounder with more versatility than this one. Line, shade, pack in color, and conquer literally any style with the FK Irons Flux. A direct-drive machine, the Flux gives you a super-quiet, smooth performance for ultimate comfort. Plus, you’ll get 2 PowerBolt battery packs, each giving you 10+ hours of tattooing power. So, hop on this machine and count on plenty of juice for your next full back piece.

Artist Review

Robert G: “I didn’t need another machine but this finally dropped. I’ve watched videos, read reviews, and have followed FK Irons closely on this machine. They did not disappoint. It does everything flawlessly. Tattoo all day and into tomorrow with the extra battery pack. I’m so impressed. I use this almost exclusively now.”

2. Cheyenne Sol Nova Tattoo Machine

Discount: $714.90 $607.67

This machine is an absolute legend… it’s one of the quietest, vibration-free pens you’ll ever use. Plus, Cheyenne Sol Nova lets you easily make all the adjustments you need with the press of a button. This machine kicked off the wireless revolution, and it still holds up as one of the best wireless models, even with all the competition out there. Sol Nova automatically adjusts its hit and frequency to your client’s skin. Forget intuitive, this thing is straight-up magic. Grab your legendary machine at an insane markdown.

Artist Review

Ronald M: “[They Cheyenne Sol Nova is] powerful enough for heavy color packing and large needle groupings. Nearly as soft as the 3.5mm for black and gray. Heals well, I use it in direct drive mode, and it heals beautifully.”

3. InkJecta Flite X1 Tattoo Machine (Bottle)

Discount: $1,199.99 $1,049.99

There’s a lot of buzz going around about Flite X1. And all of the rumors are true. Yes, it is the most intuitive tattoo machine around. Single-button needle depth and voltage adjustments are just the start of it. Flite X1 also lets you change your speed just by tilting the machine left or right. Plus, the Flite X1 works with all of InkJecta’s accessories, including the patented torsion drive bar system. Easy adjustments have never been more “on the fly.” Don’t miss out on Flite X1, discounted in the color Bottle this Black Friday.

Artist Review

Sean B: “Definitely a very cool and powerful machine. There’s a little learning curve on the power-up and down because of the tilt action. But once that’s out of the way, it’s by far worth every penny. Just what you would expect from InkJecta.”

4. Peak Elara PMU Tattoo Machine

Discount: $324.99 $227.49

It’s time to conquer nearly any permanent makeup procedure with ease. . A 3mm stroke length and adjustable needle depth make the Peak Elara one of the most versatile PMU pens around. Use it for scalp micropigmentation, permanent eyeliner, color correction, areola tattooing, lip blush, and more. Ultra-slim and lightweight, Elara also gives you pen-like control. Ready to slay?

5. Peak Triton Cartridge Needles

Discount: 20% OFF all configurations

There’s no better time than now to try out Peak’s newest cartridges at a major discount. Triton cartridge needles just dropped a month ago, and they’ve already got people talking at the latest conventions. You might be thinking… “What’s so special about these needles that hasn’t already been done?” The answer lies in its US-patented linear technology. All of these cartridges are fixed with a stabilizing system that keeps your needles as even as possible. You won’t believe the level of control, even when packing in color with your largest magnums.

But also, Peak made sure to give Triton all the essentials for a quality performance: surgical steel needles, medical-grade cartridges, and an inner membrane to prevent the backflow of ink. Experience the Triton for yourself today, especially at this price.

Artist Review

Ashley: “These are worth the price… You can really tell how high-quality these cartridges are. They are sturdy, and their needles put in ink smooth as silk. I love the right liners because I work with a lot of fine lines, and they don’t leave skin rivers hardly at all.”

6. Kwadron Cartridge Needles

Discount: 20% OFF all configurations

There’s one thing artists all around the world say about Kwadron: you won’t find sharper needles. Made of 316L surgical steel, these needles are so sharp that your ink will go in smoothly as possible. Designed with precision and control in mind, Kwadron needles even retain their sharpness through the longest tattooing sessions. Your ink will go right into the skin like butter on toast. And despite their sharp tips, they’re also fine-tuned to tattoo with less trauma to your client’s skin. That means better-healed results in the long run. Additionally, you can count on a safety membrane and medical-grade plastic housing. Stuff stockings and let the ink flow with Kwadron this Black Friday. We’re marking down all of them: standard, Sublime, and Optima for permanent makeup.

7. World Famous Blackout Tattoo Ink

Discount: 50% OFF 4oz bottles only

Pull crisp black lines and pack in the black with the blackest ink World Famous has to offer. In fact, it’s blacker than black… without compensating for an outstanding flow rate. The consistency of Blackout is satin-smooth. It’s that perfect sweet spot: not too dense, not too runny. If you haven’t already tried it, get ready for a new favorite black ink. Take half off Blackout in the 4oz size.

Artist Review

Luke M: “Great black for lining both bold and fine lines. Fast flow rate, great viscosity. Now using it every day.”

8. LightningBolt Uni Battery Pack (Single and Double Packs)

Single Pack Discount: $249.99 $224.99

Double Pack Discount: $399.99 $349.99

Snap the brand new FK Irons LightningBolt Uni onto your favorite RCA machine and turn it into a wireless powerhouse. Each LightningBolt Uni battery pack gives you 10+ hours of tattooing power per charge. Both single and double packs are discounted for our Black Friday sale event. Power up and give yourself enough juice for a full sleeve or back piece. Uni battery packs are discounted as single and double packs.

9. Peak Vega Power Supply

Discount: $279.99 $167.99

With the Vega power supply, setup is as easy as mount, snap, and go. You won’t find many power supplies with a super-strong magnetic design like this one. Vega fixes to a magnetic mounting rod and base plate that attaches to any metal surface in your workstation. Set it up anywhere for a totally customizable setup and rotate it 360 degrees for easy viewing. Then, adjust your voltage presets, hourly rates, and power on with a crystal-sharp, full-color TFT display screen.

10. Recovery Derm Shield

Discount: 25% OFF all sizes

An artist-favorite, Recovery Derm Shield is one of our best-sellers… and at this price, it’s going to go fast. It’s the most flexible, breathable, matte film aftercare out there. Get crisp healed results for your work every time. Your work will heal vibrantly for outstanding, Instagram-able portfolio pictures. Grab yours in any size for palm-sized work up to large-scale tattoos.

Artist Review

Danny Elliott: “I just wanted to reach out and say that your Recovery Derm Shield is amazing! I’ve been a firm supporter of Saniderm for years but yours is the first product I’ve ever tried that’s actually convinced me to switch. I’m 2 rolls in and I am not turning back! Keep up the good work.”

So, Get Your Wish Lists Ready

These top-drawer items will go fast. So, you’ll want to get on these deals as soon as they hit. Subscribe to our newsletter and SMS notifications to get a heads-up right before our Black Friday sale goes live. You can also head to our Web store to take advantage of deals we’re offering every Friday this month leading up to our massive Black Friday event.

In the meantime, make space in your workstations for these best-sellers. Soon, they’ll be heavily discounted and ready for your orders. Grab your favorites the minute our sale drops, and happy shopping!

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