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Top 5 Tips for Successful Tattooing in 2022

Be the most successful tattoo artist or shop owner you can be in 2022. Check out our 5 tips for tattooing success with new products.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: June 1, 2022

After an unforgettable 2021, the new year holds a lot of potential to become the most successful tattoo artist you can be. New technology, products, and ideas have made space for huge and long-term success in the tattoo industry.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional who’s already a successful tattoo artist – everyone has opportunities to grow in 2022. Now’s the time to pause, reflect, take inventory, set goals, and get ready for a fresh start with new supplies and opportunities. Check out our top tattoo business tips for kicking ass as a successful tattoo artist in 2022.


Tattooing success comes to those who plan ahead.

And planning for guest spots in the new year can lead to business and creative success. Guest spots network you to other artists, shops, and clients. They’re a great opportunity to grow your style as an artist, learn from others, and attract new clients. This could be your year to reach out to a successful tattoo artist you always admired and invite them to come tattoo at your shop. Or maybe you can ask to guest spot at their shop. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities on social media and book your spots as soon as you can.

Additionally, be on the lookout for upcoming tattoo conventions. Tattoo conventions are the biggest networking opportunities for artists around the world. You can meet new artists, distribute your business cards, and build your client list all the while.

Plus, You’ll Find the Hottest New Products at Conventions

Fellowship portable armrest with client getting an arm tattoo

Aside from business success, tattoo conventions are also an opportunity to try your hand at new equipment. You’ll find plenty of vendors offering new cartridges, machines, inks, and tech to try. If you haven’t tried any of the latest wireless machines to hit the market, your next convention could be a solid opportunity to give wireless tattooing a go.

In light of looking ahead, our latest products are perfect for your next convention, including a portable, adjustable armrest by Fellowship. Easy to collapse and weighing in at just a little over 5 pounds, this armrest is designed by tattoo artists for maximum portability, so you can bring it to your next convention and tackle any arm tattoo with ease.

Also new to our Web store is the tattooable Cutie Doll by A Pound of Flesh for showing off your work — is it creepy? Is it cute? Your call. But it’s ready for all your stencils and comes complete with a display stand for showing off to potential clients.


And speaking of showing off your work… don’t be shy. Get your flex on.

While it’s easy and effective to show off your work on Instagram, building a 3D portfolio gives clients a realistic firsthand look at your work on “real skin.” And with so many tattooable limbs and practice skins on the market nowadays, building a 3-dimensional portfolio is easy.

So, How Can You Spice Up Your 3D Portfolio?

Tattooable Cutie Doll by A Pound of Flesh

A great place to start building your 3D portfolio is by exploring A Pound of Flesh products. A Pound of Flesh offers tons of tattooable synthetic limbs, canvases, and more to make your body of work as varied and eye-catching as possible.

The latest Cutie Doll by A Pound of Flesh comes complete with a display platform for propping up in your studio or at your next convention. It’s literally designed to be shown off.

But there are tons of ways to show off your unique style: frame canvases and hang them in your studio or prop up your tattooed limbs on display rods at conventions. Plus, tattooable limbs have life-like curvature and texture, helping to grow your skills as well as giving your portfolio a boost: creative success all around!


Fellowship tattoo furniture for ultimate client and artist comfort

Still holiday shopping and your workstation needs new furniture? Now’s the time for refreshing your studio with new chairs, trolleys, and more.

Furniture is majorly important for you and your client’s comfort. Clients who have a comfortable experience are more likely to come back to your shop. And when you’re more comfortable, you do better work (let’s get real – back pain in the tattoo industry is no joke).

So set yourself up for tattooing success with client and artist chairs that are fully adjustable. And think outside the chair, too: Stock up on tattoo beds, armrests, tables, and trolleys. These accouterments set you up for success by ensuring comfort while also making sure all your tools are easily accessible.

Brands like Fellowship are known for quality-made furniture that holds up for years, saving you money in the long run. This artist-minded manufacturer gives you sleek, stylish, vinyl-covered, foam-padded furniture with hydraulic and foot pedal adjustments.


Successful ProTeam artist Kasey Gonzalez tattooing black and grey realism on a client's arm

Getting tattooed is not just about the end result — it’s a whole experience. Make it a great one for your clients and guest artists with a successful studio that stands out (in a good way).

Good-looking, comfortable furniture is one thing. But the atmosphere is key to making an experience at your shop memorable. Lots of clients spend time waiting in the lobby — so if you’re a shop owner, don’t let them get bored. Play music. Provide entertainment with a television, magazines, or art books on your coffee table.

And don’t forget about decorations. Any artist can dress up their workstation to make it personalized and memorable. Known for your pop culture tattoos? Display pop culture artwork from all your artists in the waiting room. Offer an attractive display of the latest body jewelry for pierced clients to peruse. Include other decorative wall art, plants, figurines… the works!


Your goals as a tattoo artist are varied… but promoting your work digitally can help anyone. As we enter 2022, the time is ripe for a full digital audit of all your platforms, and fresh new tattoo advertising ideas.

Start with Your Website

If you haven’t touched it up in a while, the new year gives you the chance to start with a clean slate. Make sure your contact information is up to date. If you’re an artist, freshen up your portfolio and maybe change the theme of your page to give it a dope new look that matches your style and personality. If you’re a shop owner, advertise all the artists on your team with links to their Instagram accounts. Above all, make sure your website is clean, digestible, and easy to navigate.

Create an Email List

With an email list of new or repeat clients, you get the freedom to contact your customers about upcoming events and promotions. Got a door-busting flash event planned for 2022? Let people know about it with a newsletter.

Don’t Sleep on Business Accounts

Google and Yelp business accounts allow clients to give reviews of your shop or your work. Already have accounts set up? Now’s the time to make sure all your contact and business information is up to date. But if you haven’t created accounts, this could be your year to start ramping up five-star reviews and paving a path to more success.

Step Up Your Social Media Game

Jake Karamol being a successful tattoo artist on TikTok

The most successful tattoo artists are all over social media. Artists like Jake Karamol, Brett Bloom, and so many more use social media to grow their business and attract clients from around the world. With platforms like Instagram, you can easily share your portfolio, style, and favorite products. Plus, connecting with other artists on social media can teach you about the latest new machines and tech.

For ultimate networking and client-building success, take quality photos for your Instagram account so your portfolio looks glossy and attractive. Create a bio that lets people know what your signature style is, what you’re looking to do, and when you’re booking. Also, be sure to include searchable terms in this bio so people can easily find you.

Additionally, your Instagram bio is a great opportunity to include a LinkTree, which can direct people to… well, whatever you want: your website, your business accounts, your YouTube channel, and any other social media you’re trying to promote.

And don’t forget to give us a follow into the new year! Keep up with our TikTok and Instagram accounts to stay tuned to the hottest new products by top-selling brands, like new wireless machines from FK Irons, or restocks of your go-to medical supplies. We’ll also connect you to our ProTeam artists and other successful tattoo artists, so you can get inspired in the new year. The best equipment for creative success is always at your fingertips year-round.


Every new year is an opportunity for a good, hard reset. And the market keeps growing, creating more new products, opportunities, and events to make that reset possible. There are always lessons to learn and room for growth, even as a successful tattoo artist or shop owner, and we hope these tips take you a step further in your career.

Stay tuned for more of the hottest new products, and we can’t wait to see what you create in the new year.

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