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Top 6 Tattoo Styles for 2024

These tattoo styles are making waves in the industry. Check out the top trending tattoo styles for 2024 and make sure you're offering one or more in your own shop!
by Danny Tress Last Updated: January 3, 2024

While classic tattoo styles like traditional flash and black and gray portraiture continue to captivate diehard fans, fresh new trends are making waves. So, buckle up and get ready to embrace the future of ink artistry with these top trending tattoo styles.

1 – Anime Tattoos: Unleash Your Inner Otaku

Anime tattoo by Kimberly Wall

Anime tattoos have exploded onto the scene, and if you haven’t noticed, you might be living under a rock. From Pokemon to Naruto, the world is embracing the vibrant and dynamic world of anime. Artists like @chrismesitattoo and Kim Wall @bunnymachine have mastered the craft, attracting anime enthusiasts from all corners… and that’s just to name a couple of the countless anime tattooers making names for themselves on Instagram.

Even if you’re a diehard realism lover, consider dipping your toes into the anime style. The versatility of anime tattoos allows for direct reproduction or imaginative reimaginings, making them a canvas for boundless creativity. Moreover, this style is perfect for anyone who’s already skilled at traditional or neotraditional tattoos. To create classic anime tattoos that accurately represent what you see on TV, you’ll need to pull bold lines and pack in vivid color… staples of traditional techniques.

2 – Microrealism: Where Less is More

Microrealism tattoo by Oskar Akermo

Enter the realm of microrealism, where artists like Oscar Akermo @oscarakermo and Nilo @nilo.sthlm are crafting intricate masterpieces on a minuscule scale. Hyperrealistic tattoos with delicate linework and micro details have become a favorite among celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rihanna. The key to nailing this style lies in expert shading and attention to detail. If you’re a hyperrealistic artist looking to expand your repertoire, consider downsizing your canvas to attract a whole new clientele in 2024.

3 & 4 – Glass + Chrome Tattoos: A Glimpse into the Future

Glass tattoo by kimo_ink

Chrome tattoo by Han_Hontattoo

The future of ink is reflective—literally. Thanks to South Korea’s influence, chrome and glass tattoos are making their highly reflective, highly captivating mark. Artists like Chan White @chan_white_, @kimo_ink, and @yeontaan are paving the way with designs that mirror the sleek textures of glass and chrome. While this style hasn’t fully swept the globe, it’s causing a stir and elbowing its way into western tattoo shops, where eager clients are waiting for more artists to offer this style. Challenge yourself to master this delicate style, knowing you can apply it to any subject for a futuristic twist.

5 – Porcelain Tattoos: Elegance in Every Line

Porcelain tattoo of dragon

Drawing inspiration from porcelain china, this tattoo style emphasizes soft blues, intricate patterns, and delicate linework. If you excel in delicate linework and shading, porcelain tattoos might be your next artistic venture. While not as mainstream as glass and chrome (YET), this style holds immense potential for artists who can bring a touch of elegance to their creations.

6 – Mambo’s Destrutturato Tattoos: Stand Out with Bold Choices

Popcorn tattoo by Mambo

Meet @mambotattooer, the artist with closed books and a distinctive style that’s impossible to ignore. With fat, crispy black lines, bold color patches, and eye-catching textures, Mambo has carved a niche that sets him apart. His tattoo style is “destrutturato,” combined with elements of other styles to distinguish Mambo’s tattoos as uniquely his. The lesson here is clear—stand out by embracing your unique style and skills, creating artwork that leaves a lasting impression.

Glitter Tattoos: Sparkle and Shine in 2024

Glitter tattoo by Amanda Graves

Glitter tattoos are not just for kids’ parties anymore. From Care Bears to Adventure Time characters, glitter is making its mark in the tattoo world. Whether you’re into neotraditional or traditional styles, adding a touch (or a lot) of glitter to your portfolio can make you the go-to artist for clients seeking a bit of sparkle in their ink.

Remember our blog about nailing perfect glitter realism with Amanda Graves? If you haven’t read it, you should totally check it out. You’ll unlock all the tips you need to make your glitter tattoos stand out. You can also give Amanda Graves a follow on Instagram here.

Ready Yourself for the New Year

2024 is all about pushing boundaries, embracing the unexpected, and infusing your art with innovation. Whether you choose to dive into the world of anime, master the intricacies of microrealism, or experiment with reflective textures, the key is to stay ahead of the curve.

Take inspiration from the trailblazers in the industry, but don’t forget to inject your own flair into the mix. The tattoo world is evolving, and as an artist, you have the opportunity to shape its future. So, pick up your needles and let your creativity run wild in the year ahead!

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