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VIDEO ROUNDUP: Tattoo Shop Ownership Series

Check out the content you may have missed during our Shop Ownership series. Learn more in this blog, featuring video interviews with successful artists and shop owners.
by Danny Tress Last Updated: March 22, 2023

That’s a wrap on our Shop Ownership Series! The past few months, we’ve featured helpful tips, personal anecdotes, and other valuable information from successful artists about owning and marketing a tattoo shop. Check out the full round-up of all our Shop Ownership Series content below.

John Garancheski on Building His Tattoo Shop from the Ground Up

John Garancheski, owner of Tattooed Heart studios in Hanover, Maryland, shares how he opened a tattoo shop on his own and turned it into a successful business. Learn all about how he runs his tattoo shop with open-mindedness and support for his staff.

Casey Hart on Expectations vs. Reality

Casey Hart of Foxwood Tattoo Collective in Sykesville, Maryland opens up about the hard (but gratifying) truths of owning and running a successful tattoo shop as a female tattoo artist. Hear her insights starting a tattoo business, setting boundaries, and managing expectations.

Kasey “Gonzo” Gonzalez on What No One Tells You About Owning A Tattoo Shop

Tattoo shop owner Kasey Gonzalez talks about what pushed him into opening Athens Tattoo Co. in Bel Air, Maryland. He talks about how to own a tattoo shop that values its artists, what he learned from his experiences working in other tattoo shops, and the things no one tells you before you open your own shop.

Amanda Graves on Opening a Successful Tattoo Shop Her Way

Tattoo shop owner Amanda Graves dishes on the history and values of her Harry Potter-themed shop Dark Arts Tattoo Studio in Bel Air, Maryland. She talks about how she opened Dark Arts Tattoo, and covers how to own a tattoo shop that’s successful and fair to all its employees.

Tax Tips for Tattoo Artists & Shop Owners

Tattoo artist and shop owner John Garancheski interviews tax journalist Kevin McCormally on the pros and cons of being a 1099 contractor versus an employee. They discuss how to maximize deductions for travel expenses, supplies, and equipment. Learn about the importance of record-keeping and find out what common tax mistakes to avoid! Stay tuned for all the valuable tips and advice you need to save money this tax season.


Learn more about taxes in our blog Tattoo Tax Tips for Artists and Shop Owners.

All set on taxes? You can learn more about shop ownership and marketing in our blog How to Expertly Market Your Tattoo Shop, featuring pro insights from Casey Hart (whose interview is available above).

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