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Tips for Picking a Custom Belly Ring

Did you know that Painful Pleasures offers custom belly rings in more length, gauge and style combinations than any other site online? With so many options, how can you possibly choose? Don't worry! We'll set you on the right track to purchasing the perfect custom-made belly button ring for you. We've broken down all the custom belly ring options we offer in this helpful guide, as well as provided tips on how even our standard belly button rings can be customized.
by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Custom Cabochon Belly Button RingIf you’re looking for custom belly button rings, you’ve come to the right place! Painful Pleasures offers the largest selection of custom belly rings around, with more length, gauge and style options than any other online body jewelry company.

Some of our custom belly button rings are what you might call “limited” custom. We stock belly rings in thousands of gauge-length-style combos so you can make a selection that meets your custom specifications, but without having to wait for a custom belly ring to be ordered, made and delivered. We also offer a wide variety of truly custom belly button rings, where you choose from a larger variety of options than we can carry, and we’ll have your custom belly ring made to order for you. With many of our custom belly rings, you can choose your desired length, ball size, material, stone color or type, and thread pattern (i.e. internal threading vs. external threading) to create a really unique belly button ring that will fit you perfectly. Custom belly rings may take anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks to have crafted and delivered to you, but they’re worth the wait!

You’ll find custom navel rings throughout our Belly Rings category. We’ve also created a custom belly ring style guide for you below, so that you can go right to the custom options within a particular subset of belly button rings, like gold belly rings and cabochon belly rings (shown to the right).


Selecting the Right Belly Ring Style for You

Before you start shopping, you may want to read over our Choosing the Right Belly Button Ring blog post, which walks you through how to pick the best combination of material, style and accents based on your taste, wardrobe, activities, skin sensitivities, and other factors. Why do those things matter? Style is really a matter of personal preference, but things like your activities and skin sensitivities can dramatically impact what type of belly ring you can comfortably wear. For instance, if you play field hockey, you may only be able to wear a navel ring if you get one made of flexible BioPlast.

Unless you already know what type of material and style belly ring you want, Choosing the Right Belly Button Ring is the best place to start your search. It will guide you through the decision process by first outlining what you want and need, and narrowing down your options from there.


Shopping for a Custom Belly Ring

When you’re ready to start shopping for a new custom belly ring, click a category below, or visit our search section to see all custom belly rings. We offer more than 1,300 belly rings, so it’s much easier to find your perfect belly ring by choosing a category below and narrowing down your options before you begin perusing our belly ring selection. Just click whichever image grabs your attention, or read the descriptions to see which type of custom belly ring sounds right for you.

Custom Belly Button Ring Style Guide

Custom Yellow Gold Belly Button Rings

Custom Yellow Gold Belly Rings

We offer a wide variety of yellow gold custom navel rings with a large selection of unique charms. Choose your gauge, barbell length, gem type/color and white or yellow gold (where applicable).

Custom White Gold Belly Button Rings

Custom White Gold Belly Rings*

We have a large selection of white gold belly rings available. Most are made from 14k white gold, and some are available in your choice of yellow or white gold in addition to the gauge and barbell length you prefer.

Custom Silver Belly Button Rings

Custom Silver Belly Button Rings

Our silver custom belly rings are all made from .925 sterling silver. Choose your gauge, shaft length, and gem color/type (where applicable). We have gem-studded and opal options.

Cabochon Custom Belly Button Rings

Custom Cabochon Belly Rings

Cabochon belly rings feature a half-gem ball encased in a decorative cage. The cage designs include things like the triquetra shown, hearts, swirls, and other designs.


Custom Circular Barbells for Belly Piercings

Custom Circular Barbells

Circular barbells, also known as horseshoe barbells, are a popular style of body jewelry that can be worn in many piercings, including belly button piercings. If desired, you can get a matching set for your belly piercing, ear piercings, nipple piercings, and lip piercings. Have your circular barbell anodized to the color or pattern of your choice!

Venus Hoop Custom Belly Rings

Venus Hoop Belly Button Rings

Venus hoop belly rings are delicate, dangly belly rings that sway from a ring attached to the barbell shaft’s bottom ball. The hinge allows the dangling balls to sway gently as you move.

BioPlast Flexible Belly Button Rings

BioPlast Flexible Belly Button Rings

BioPlast, or BioFlex, belly rings are custom in the sense that you can mix and match charms easily and cut the shaft to the perfect length for you.

Custom Captive Bead Rings for Belly Piercings

Custom Captive Bead Rings

Our custom captive bead rings make great belly button rings–and it’s easy to get more for your ears and other piercings if you want a full set! Choose your gauge, bead style/color, and have the ring anodized to create your perfect custom captive bead ring.

Custom Top-Down Reverse Belly Button Rings

Custom Reverse Belly Rings

Reverse belly rings thread through your belly piercing from the top/outside and down/in, which is why they’re also called top-down belly rings.


*Please note that some of our gold belly rings are available in your choice of white gold or yellow gold–yet another customization option we offer. Disregard the fact that some of the representative images in the white gold belly rings selection are only shown in yellow gold.


Need Help Finding a New Custom Belly Ring?

    If you’re having trouble finding exactly the custom belly button rings you want with all the options we offer, try our search tool, or email us at, Describe your ideal custom belly ring in your email, and we’ll help you find the best custom belly button rings we offer.

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