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How to Correct Permanent Makeup Mistakes

Learn how to correct permanent makeup mistakes.
by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Cosmetic Magic Line Pigment Collection

Learn about Information on Correcting permanent makeup mistakes.

Magic Line Pigment Collection

(Magic Pigments are all premixed.)

There are two types of problems to correct:

Shaping Correction

Color Correction

Shaping Correction Rules: When you make a minor shaping mistake you can use the Magic Color on top of the area to camouflage.

Color Correction Rules: Color Correction is necessary when permanent makeup changes color or fades to blue, gray, greenish-blue, grayish-blue, pink, orange, purple or in between colors due to several years of fading. Lips may even turn to blue or brownish-black. 

Remember colors fade to different shades; some are darker, medium or light. For dark shades you will use the correction color directly on the area or spots. Medium shades require 5-10 drops of water to 1 drop of pigmen.t For lighter shades choose the desired color then add a few drops of the correction color until neutralized. 

  1. Magic Color: This is to be used on all areas for any type of camouflaging. Can be used on eyebrows, eyeliner and the lips. This color will leave NO RESIDUE. This is the easiest and least damaging camouflaging technique that is suitable for all types of skin, dark, medium or light. Use the pointillism method with 5-7 prong round needle every 1-3 minutes and alternate with Bio-Gel. Make sure to pay attention to the color response. Once it gets to the neutralized point be sure not to over work the area. You will then see the magical power of the magic color.


  2. Blue Eyebrow Corrector pigment: Use this color to correct gray, greenish-blue or blue eyebrows.  Pay attention to how the skin responds to the correction pigment and follow the Correction Color Rules above. After corrected, the brow will turn to a brown shade. You will be able to see this transformation as you work so pay special attention to the area. 


  3. Purple Eyebrow Corrector: Use this color on pink, orange or purple eyebrows. Pay attention to how the skin responds and follow the Correction Color Rules.

    Use a 3 prong round needle or 3 prong flat (hair stroke) for eyebrow corrections. Use a light shading method; alternate with Bio-Gel every 1-3 minutes. 

    With the new pigment you can achieve very dark eyeliner directly, without mixing.


  4. True Black Eyeliner: will allow you to give a very dark yet matt looking eyeliner.  
  5. Wet Black Eyeliner: will allow you to give a very dark and shinny looking eyeliner. In normal situations the color will stay dark for a long period of time with care. Pay attention to all skin responses in any cases of heavy blue undertone, like olive skin type, add orange pigment and go over again for the second layer so you will see a guaranteed result.

    Use the 2 or 3 flat needle using the back and forth method. Alternating pigment to Bio-Gel every 1-3 minuets.


  6. Blue Lip Corrector: Use on top of a blue or brownish-black correction area to neutralize.  Use 5 prong and 7 prong round needles doing back and forth method or pointillism, depending on if it is the whole liner or just spots. Alternate with Bio-Gel every 1-3 minuets.

Please advise your customers that all corrections might take more than one procedure. Don’t worry or panic any color can be reversed and corrected as long as you update your knowledge and follow your advanced training techniques. Experience and proper judgment will bring the best results

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