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How to Setup a Cosmetic Tattoo Machine

Learn how to setup a cosmetic tattoo machine.

by Emily Starkman Last Updated: April 5, 2022

What You Need to Get Started:

Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

Permanent Makeup Tips These guide your needles. They’re disposable.

Permanent Makeup Needles – These are special needles that can only be used with permanent makeup machines.

Cosmetic Machine Tubes – This is the end of the machine; it’s the portion of the machine that the needle and tip go in and slide over. If you have a steel tube, you can reuse it by sterilizing it before each use. That can be time-consuming, though, so many people prefer to use disposable plastic tips. If you have a busy shop, disposable tubes are the way to go.

Pigments – You’ll need permanent makeup pigments, or inks, in a variety of colors so you can do eyebrow, lip liner, and other cosmetic tattoos.

Basic Permanent Makeup Machine Setup Instructions

Step 1: Purchase a permanent makeup tattoo machine, permanent makeup needles, cosmetic machine tubes, and permanent makeup tips.

Step 2: Take out your machine and a single tattoo tip, needle and tube.

Step 3: Remove all pieces from their sterilized packaging.

Permanent Makeup Machine, Needle, Tip & Tube

Step 4: If your machine came with a metal tube, unscrew it and screw the plastic, disposable tube on in its place.

Remove the metal tip that came with your permanent makeup machine.

Replace the metal tube with a plastic one.

Step 5: Bend the needle in an S-shape to help it stay in the machine better.

Bend your permanent makeup needle.

Step 6: Push the bent needle into the slot of your cosmetic tattoo machine. As you push the needle in, it will start to straighten out, but since it is still crinked, it will create tension inside the slot and hold itself in place.

Insert the bent needle into the slot on your permanent makeup tattoo machine.

Step 7: Push the needle all the way in, until it can’t go back any further.

Push the needle all the way into the cosmetic tattoo machine.

Step 8: Place the tip onto the tube, over the needle, and you’re ready!

Place a tube over your permanent makeup needle to guide it.

Cosmetic Tattoo Needle Troubleshooting

Our cosmetic needles are .35mm thick, meaning they are easy enough to bend by hand and do not fit 100% into the needle guide of our machines… Why do we make them this way? We have found that they are easier to insert into the machine and easier to work with  To prevent the needle from falling out, follow these steps:

  1. Put a tube onto your machine, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Bend the end of the cosmetic tattooing needle ever so slightly (remember these are very thin and easy to bend).
  3. Insert the now-bent needle into the needle guide through the tube.
  4. As you push the needle in, the slight bend will start to straighten inside the needle guide. This slight bend creates the tension needed to hold the needle firmly in place.
  5. Put your needle tip over your needle. The end of the needle should be slightly exposed.

You’re now ready to tattoo!

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