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Body Jewelry

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by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Organic Abalone Shell & Silver Plugs

Painful Pleasures is one of the world’s largest distributors of body jewelry, with thousands of product options available, making us your #1 body jewelry source. We offer more length, gauge, style, and material combos than nearly any other body jewelry online retailer. Best of all, we sell our body jewelry to the general public at wholesale prices! Our body jewelry is inexpensive, but it’s good quality jewelry that you’re sure to love; it isn’t cheap body jewelry in the traditional, poor quality sense. We just leverage our buying power to get the best jewelry and offer it to you at the best prices possible.

Desert Horn Gold Plate & Mother of Pearl Hoop Earrings

Just to give you an example of one way our “cheap” body jewelry is better quality than you’re likely to find elsewhere, we sell solid titanium body jewelry at prices competitive to those companies that only sell coated titanium body jewelry. What’s the difference? Coated titanium body jewelry can chip over time, exposing an underlying metal of a lesser quality that can compromise the jewelry’s integreity and even trigger an allergic reaction. Why pick up something like that when you can have 100% solid titanium jewelry you can trust for equally great prices from us?

Our selection of body jewelry is unparalleled. We offer the following general types of body jewelry, and within each category you’ll find a slew of subcategories breaking down the options by material and style. Dive in deeper, and you’ll see that you have more choices when it comes to lengths and gauges than you’ll find anywhere else online. If we don’t have exactly what you need, chances are we can get it for you for a reasonable price, too. Start exploring our amazing selection of body jewelry now:

Organic Abalone Shell & Silver Plugs

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