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Piercing Retainers

Body piercings are more accepted now than ever before, but there are still times when you need to make a piercing or two more discreet. Maybe you're visiting grandma and don't want to offend her with your new nose ring, or maybe you're worried your lip ring might jeopardize an upcoming job interview. You could even be looking for a non-metal alternative to hold your piercings open while you have a medical procedure. Whatever the case, we have the perfect piercing retainer recommendations for you!

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Sin-Colored Microdermal Tops for Dermal Piercings & Surface PiercingsBody piercings are much more widely accepted than ever before in western cultures, but there are still times when people need to disguise their piercings for work or to appease a conservative family member. There may also be times you need to insert a non-metallic piercing retainer before having a test like an MRI or another medical procedure. Piercing retainers, although not completely invisible, can help minimize the appearance or potential negative impact of a body piercing for such situations.


Types of Piercing Retainers

There are piercing retainers for nearly every type of body piercing. For instance, Painful Pleasures carries:

  • Clear & Metallic Septum Retainer OptionsClear Glass Labret Retainer - Lip Piercing Retainers
  • Clear Nose Studs/Clear Nose Rings
  • Transluscent Pink & Clear Tongue Ring Retainer Options
  • Clear Lip Rings (i.e. clear labret retainers rather than actual rings)
  • Clear Belly Button Rings/Clear Belly Button Retainers
  • Flesh-Colored Earring Retainers for Stretched Ears
  • Clear Eyebrow Rings
  • Other Clear Retainers


When You Can Wear Piercing Retainers

Clear Septum Piercing RetainerYou should wait until your piercing is fully healed before inserting a flesh-colored or clear piercing retainer. Depending on the piercing, you may need to wait anywhere from 6 weeks to 9 months or more. For instance, earlobe piercings that have been stretched can typically accept an ear piercing retainer within a month to 6 weeks, but a cartilage piercing may need 7 months or more before it will comfortably tolerate a piercing retainer.


Where to Find Piercing Retainers

Most of Painful Pleasures’ piercing retainers are available in our Piercing Retainers section, with a few exceptions. Click a link below to visit the appropriate section of our site:

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