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Precision Piercing Supplies

Precision is a Painful Pleasures product line that offers high-quality piercing supplies at affordable prices so that you can maximize profits from every piercing you perform. Our Precision piercing supplies include everything from piercing needles to piercing medical supplies and beyond. Learn more about our Precision piercing line and the many low-priced piercing tools available to you in this article.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 14, 2021

Precision is a Painful Pleasures product line that offers high-quality piercing supplies at affordable prices so that you can maximize profits from every piercing you perform. Precision Piercing Supplies & Medical SuppliesOur Precision piercing supplies include everything from piercing needles to piercing medical supplies, shop equipment, travel cases, and more.


Precision Piercing Needles

If you’re looking for precision-machined, sterile piercing needles in different gauges and styles, look no further! Our Precision piercing needles are some of the best needles on the market. Each one is made from surgical stainless steel that’s been honed to a super-sharp point and sterilized so that you can use our piercing needles right out of their packaging. They come in sizes ranging from 20 gauge to 4 gauge, multiple lengths, and a wide variety of styles that include coated and uncoated, straight, curved and hooked, and both threaded and unthreaded options. Whatever types of piercings you do, whatever combination of length, gauge and style you prefer, our Precision product line includes the perfect piercing needles for you.

There are currently 9 sections in our Piercing Needles shopping category that will help you quickly and easily find the exact needles you need to order. Just click on any section below to start perusing our Precision piercing needles now.

Precision Needles, Sets & Accessories

Precision Cannula Piercing Needles Precision Coated Piercing Needles Precision Curved Piercing Needles
Cannula Piercing Needles
Cannula piercing needles are hollow hypodermic needles with a plastic hub & a hubbed plastic sheath. We offer them in 18g-14g sizes.
Coated Piercing Needles
Our coated piercing needles are tri-beveled & encompassed by DuPont DryFilm coating, which eliminates the need for extra lubrication.
Curved Piercing Needles
When you’re working in tight spaces or on a piercing project where a straight needle won’t do, our 18g-8g curved piercing needles get the job done.
Precision Hooked Piercing Needles Precision Play Piercing Needles Precision Straight Piercing Needles
Hooked Piercing Needles
Hand-bending piercing needles when needed can damage & dull them. Use our 18g-12g cold-sterilized Precision hooked piercing needles instead.
Play Piercing Needles
Our fine-gauge play piercing needles are available in 27g-20g sizes. Each needle has a colorful hub you can use for leverage & to create play piercing designs.
Straight Piercing Needles
Shop for threaded or unthreaded, coated or uncoated 20g-4g straight piercing needles in a range of lengths. Each one has an ultra-sharp beveled tip.
Precision Threaded Piercing Needles Precision Piercing Needle Accessories & Sets Shop by Piercing Needle Gauge
Threaded Piercing Needles
Choose from 14g or 16g 1″-long threaded needles. Attach body jewelry to 1 end so that you can pull jewelry into a new piercing as you push the needle out.
Piercing Needle Accessories & Sets
We offer a variety of piercing needle sets that come with assorted needles & body jewelry, as well as accessories like needle pushers & receiving corks.
Shop by Needle Gauge
If you need to find certain size piercing needles quickly, utilize our Shop by Gauge section. Every needle we offer is organized there so you can click a size listed & shop.


Precision Piercing Medical Supplies

Our Precision line of piercing medical supplies encompasses a range of products that you use to do your job every day–things like sterilization pouches, piercing markers, sterilized disposable trays, barrier protection, and more. Here are some of the different Precision piercing medical supplies you may find most useful:

Precision Medical Supplies for Piercers

Precision Dental Bibs Precision Disposable Black Aprons Precision Drape Cloths
Precision Dental Bibs
Use our dental bibs to cover work trays before laying out piercing tools or to protect clients’ clothing. Store stacks of dental bibs in our acrylic bib dispensers.
Disposable Black Aprons
Protect yourself & your clothing while you work with our disposable black plastic aprons. They tie around back. One size fits most people comfortably.
Precision Drape Cloths
Each drape cloth measures 40″ x 60″. Their large size makes them perfect for containing fluids during play piercing & scarification sessions & for covering work surfaces.
Precision Surgical Skin Markers for Marking Piercing Sites Precision Sterilization Pouches | Autoclave Bags Precision Disposable Sterilized Trays
Surgical Skin Markers
Mark clients before piercing them using our ultra fine tip Precision surgical skin markers. Each is intended for single-client use. Store them in our handy acrylic dispensers.
Sterilization Pouches
Autoclave tools, jewelry & more in our sterilization pouches, which come in a variety of sizes & styles. We also offer nylon sterilization tubing you can cut to length.
Sterilized Disposable Trays
These disposable trays make setting up a sterile field easy. Just put jewelry, needles & tools in the sterilized compartments & toss used trays after each piercing.
Precision Round Band-aids for Covering Dermal & Surface Piercings Precision Medical Paper Tape & Bandaging Supplies Precision Gauze
Round Band-aids
Cover new dermal piercings or surface piercings easily with our round Precision band-aids. Just open the sterile packaging, remove the backing & apply sticky-side down.
Medical Tape
On the occasions when you need to bandage up a client’s fresh piercing or scarification design, use our medical tape along with gauze or other bandaging supplies.
Precision Gauze
We offer boxes of gauze pads in a range of sizes that you can use to cover any new piercing or scarification design easily & send clients away protected & comfortable.
Precision Sterilized Plastic Tongue Scrapers & Cleaners Precision Scalpel Handles & Scalpel Blades Precision Plastic Tweezers
Tongue Scrapers & Cleaners
Prep clients for tongue piercings by scraping their tongues with our disposable, sterilized tongue scrapers & cleaners after they rinse out their mouths.
Scalpel Handles & Blades
Our surgical stainless steel scalpel handles and scalpel blades are the perfect tools for doing deep surface piercings & for creating scarification designs.
Plastic Tweezers
These plastic tweezers measure 11cm long, & the width of the open mouth is 2cm across. They’re inexpensive, so you can toss them after use without hurting your bottom line.


Precision Shop Equipment & Accessories

In addition to piercing needles and piercing medical supplies, our Precision product line also includes a variety of shop equipment, tools and travel cases that you’re sure to find useful in your shop and on the road, when you’re visiting other shops or working conventions. Check out some of our best equipment and accessories for piercers below.

Piercing Shop Equipment, Travel Cases & Accessories

Precision Plastic Storage Jars Precision Pen Lights Precision Rinse Cups
Plastic Storage Jars
Keep cotton balls, Q-tips, band-aids, toothpicks, & other small piercing tools protected & in easy reach with our handy 16 oz. plastic lidded storage jars.
Precision Pen Lights
Pen lights come in handy when you’re piercing in dark places. Tell a client to stick out their tongue & say “Ah”, then shed some light on the subject with this little “pen”.
Precision Rinse Cups
When doing oral piercings, hand your client a rinse cup with water &/or saline mouthwash to clean their mouth before & after. (Also available in sleeves of 50 cups.)
Precision Piercing Stools Precision Titanium Anodizing Kits Precision Stainless Steel Piercing Bowls
Piercing Stools
Work comfortably while still being able to move freely about your work space with our thickly-padded piercing stools. Each one has 5 wheeled, multi-directional feet.
Titanium Anodizing Kits
Design your own titanium body jewelry in any color or combination of colors you like with our titanium anodizing kits, then sell it in your shop or use it yourself.
Stainless Steel Piercing Bowls
Our stainless steel piercing bowls won’t rust, making them the perfect receptacles to collect wet & dry debris while you work. (Empty solid trash into a Biohazard Bag after.)
Precision Aluminum-Trimmed Piercing Travel Cases Precision Compartmentalized Piercing Supply Travel Case  
Aluminum-Trimmed Travel Case
This sturdy travel case is reinforced with aluminum trim. It’s the perfect way to store & transport piercing supplies when you’re doing guest appearances & working conventions.
Compartmentalized Piercing Travel Case
This handy piercing supply travel case breaks up into multiple compartments that can be separated quickly so you can have all your tools at your fingertips at conventions.

Saving on Piercing Supplies

As you can see, our Precision line of piercing supplies includes all the core tools and accessories you could possibly need to pierce clients, perform scarification, and take your skills on the road. Visit our Piercing Supplies section to find disinfectants, skin cleansers, Sharps containers, and other piercing shop supplies. While you’re there, check out our Pierced Tools line if you need piercing tools like forceps and ring opening pliers. If you’re ready to stock up on starter body jewelry, be sure to explore our Basic Piercing Jewelry selection, too.

Buying Precision and Pierced Tools products will save you money over time, because these product lines are intended to provide piercers with quality piercing tools and accessories at affordable prices. You can save even more by shopping in our Wholesale Store, where we offer reduced prices to industry professionals placing orders of $100 – $499.99. To take advantage of the lowest prices we offer industry professionals, shop in our Distributor Store when placing orders of $500 or more. As you shop, keep an eye out for additional savings detailed in the “Add to Cart” area of our product detail pages, where we list price breaks offered when you buy certain piercing supplies and body jewelry in bulk. You can save even more by signing up for our weekly newsletters and utilizing the coupons we send out in them. To sign up, simply visit your preferred store (Retail | Wholesale | Distributor) and enter your email address in the email sign-up box in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Happy shopping, and happy piercing!

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