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Designing Custom Stickers & Magnets

Through our Print & Design Center, Painful Pleasures is now able to provide tattoo artists, piercers, shop owners, and other industry professionals with custom stickers and magnets in a variety of styles that they can use to promote their businesses. Learn about the different types of custom stickers and magnets from which you can choose, and get all the technical info you need to order and personalize your first batch of custom stickers, custom magnets or both in this helpful article.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 14, 2021

Limitless Custom Stickers From Painful Pleasures' Print and Design Center Did you know that you can purchase Limitless custom stickers and magnets through Painful Pleasures’ Print & Design Center and use them to promote yourself, your tattoo and piercing shop, another business, or even your band? We offer a great selection of custom stickers and magnets in unique shapes that will draw attention to your promotions and your business overall. Read on to learn about your options and get the technical information you need to order and personalize your custom stickers, custom magnets, or both.


Your Custom Sticker & Custom Magnet Options

In our Print & Design Center, we currently offer custom stickers in nine different styles and five custom magnet options to give you the selection you’ve been searching for at reasonable prices and in manageable quantities. Choose from round, square, rectangular, and die-cut custom stickers, custom wall decals and wall stickers, bumper stickers, vinyl window stickers, and outside window perforated film, as well as magnets shaped like rectangles with rounded corners, rectangles with crisp corners in three sizes, and ovals.


How to Order Custom StickersCustom Stickers From the Painful Pleasures Print and Design Center

If you’re ready to start creating an order for custom stickers, visit our Limitless Custom Stickers section to choose the style of sticker you want to purchase. You can either prepare your own graphics to have printed on your stickers or hire us to design custom stickers for you using our Hourly Rate option. If you decide to create your own custom sticker design with a program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, use our handy sticker templates as a guide and the foundation of your design. In our Product Templates guide, we’ve provided EPS, AI and PDF templates for every type and size sticker we offer. Make sure you pick the template that matches up with the style of custom stickers you plan to order, as well as the one that’s the best file type for the design software you’re using.

Once you’ve opened your graphic design program and the template that corresponds with the custom stickers you want to order, check to make sure that your resolution is set to 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch). When you open a graphics file in an Adobe program like Photoshop or Illustrator, the resolution often defaults to 72 DPI. It’s important to change that setting to 300 DPI to ensure that your custom stickers are designed at a high resolution so they will print crisply and cleanly. If you need additional information to get your resolution settings just right, check out our helpful Understanding Photo Image Sizes and Printing Color: What Does 4:0, 4:1, and 4:4 Mean? articles.

Custom Wall Decals and Custom Wall Stickers From Painful Pleasures' Print and Design Center Once you’ve confirmed the DPI setting is correct, you can add layers of graphics and/or text over top of our template until you’re happy with your custom sticker design. It may feature your logo, business address, phone number, web address, a special offer, tattoo art, something funny, a combination of these elements, or something else entirely. Your Limitless Custom Sticker design options are endless!

As you create your design, please pay attention to the “Cut Line” and “Safe Zone Line” indicated in your chosen custom sticker template. Your background should go all the way to the outer borders of the canvas, but make sure nothing important overlaps the “Safe Zone Line”. We wouldn’t want to cut off part of your phone number or other pertinent information when we perforate your custom stickers, which could happen if info like that overlaps the “Safe Zone Line”.

After finalizing your custom sticker artwork, save the file as a condensed file type like a JPEG, EPS or PDF. You can then upload your graphics file on the product detail page that coordinates with the sticker template you used to create your design, unless you’re ordering Custom Wall Decals & Wall Stickers, Vinyl Window Stickers or Outside Window Perforated Film. File sizes for those types of custom stickers are often too large to upload via our website, so we ask that you just email your graphics file to us at, Attention: Graphics Department. Even if you’re ordering one of our smaller sticker designs, you may need to email us your artwork if your file size exceeds 1024 pixels x 1024 pixels (~2MB); that’s the limit for pages with a button to upload graphics via the site. Once you’ve specified the quantity of custom stickers you wish to order and added your stickers to cart, you can proceed through checkout.


How to Order Custom Magnets

Ordering Limitless Custom Magnets from our Print & Design Center isn’t much different than ordering custom stickers. There are just three deviations from the instructions above: Limitless Custom Magnets From Painful Pleasures' Print and Design Center

  1. Visit our Limitless Custom Magnets section to choose the size and style magnets you want to order.
  2. Grab your custom magnet template from the Magnets section of our Product Templates guide.
  3. You can either upload your file directly to the site to be included in your order during checkout, or you can email it to us at, Attention: Graphics Department after placing your custom magnet order. Please indicate your order number in the email if you are emailing the image.

Other than those three things, the instructions are the same for designing and ordering custom stickers and custom magnets. You should open your chosen magnet template in a graphics design program like Adobe Photoshop, make sure the resolution is set to 300 DPI, and check to make sure that no important information or graphics overlaps the “Safe Zone Line” as you finish up your custom magnet design. Also, please be sure to set your file to CMYK. Once completed, you can order the style and size magnets that correspond with the template on which you built your design, submit your order, and email us your graphics file.


What to Expect After Ordering

Please allow us at least a week to prepare any custom stickers or custom magnets you’ve ordered. We’ll make your promotional stickers or magnets in our Hanover, Maryland, Print & Design Center and coordinate with you as necessary if we have questions or concerns about your graphics file. You can start distributing your custom magnets or stickers as soon as you receive them to drum up business for yourself, your company, your band, or even a non-profit organization. Have fun promoting with your new custom stickers or magnets!

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