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Accessories to Organize Your Shop

The thought of getting your shop organized can be daunting, but our organizational tips and helpful accessories make it a breeze. In this article, we walk through the most common tattoo and piercing shop areas that need organizing and make suggestions for how to setup each area to merchandize products in the best way, keep each work space organized, and ensure that your employees can work as efficiently as possible.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 14, 2021

Piercing Anesthetic Display Cases Like This Hush Case Make a Great Upsell for the Front of Your ShopThe thought of getting your shop organized can be daunting, but our organizational tips and helpful accessories make it a breeze. We walk through the most common tattoo and piercing shop areas that need organizing and make suggestions for how to setup each area to merchandize products in the best way and ensure that your employees can work as efficiently as possible.


Front of Store Displays

The first thing existing and potential clients see when they enter your shop is the front of your store, where anyone from the public can peruse your product selection. Ideally, this space should be merchandized in an eye-catching way that draws people’s attention to the great up-sells you offer–things like body jewelry, tattoo and piercing aftercare products, alternative apparel, and other such merchandise. Keeping your displays organized will help you stay on top of your inventory and make your product offerings as accessible and appealing to customers as possible. What tools can you use to organize your front-of-shop displays? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Body Jewelry Display Cases, Boxes & Acrylic Stands

When you’re laying out lots of little pieces of body jewelry with multicolored tops, like tongue rings and dermal tops, it’s best to utilize glass-topped display boxes and acrylic displays created just for this purpose to showcase jewelry in the most appealing manner. These tools are also space-efficient, allowing you to show off the most jewelry even in limited spaces.

We offer both empty and full jewelry display cases, so you can either fill an empty case with jewelry you’ve personally selected or purchase pre-assembled cases that arrive with diverse assortments of body jewelry packed carefully inside, ready to display. We can even create custom engraved jewelry displays for you that feature your business logo or other graphics in an artistic way.

Here are a few examples of some of the more traditional body jewelry display cases we offer, as well as some of our customizable acrylic display blocks:

Empty & Pre-Filled Jewelry Display Cases & Custom-Engraved Jewelry Displays

Empty 32-Piece Round Tiered Display for Belly Rings Small Acrylic Tongue Ring Display With 30 Tongue Rings Empty Glass Top Display Case With Clips or Bands to Secure Body Jewelry
Empty 32-Piece Tiered Belly Ring Display 30 Piece Small Acrylic Tongue Ring Display Empty Glass Top Jewelry Display Case
514 Pieces of Body Jewelry in a Display Case Double-Sided Spinning Empty Display Case With Peg Hooks Plug Display Case With 383 Pieces of Jewelry
514 Piece Body Jewelry Display Case 2-Sided Rotating Jewelry Display Case Plug Display Containing 383 Plugs
Custom Engraved Acrylic Body Jewelry Display Blocks Custom Engraved Acrylic Gift Card or Business Card Display Stand Custom Engraved 8-Piece Belly Button Ring Displays
Custom Acrylic Jewelry Display Blocks Customized Business or Gift Card Display Engraved 8-Piece Belly Ring Display Blocks


Unique Jewelry Display Stands

To add points of interest in between standard jewelry display boxes and acrylic body jewelry display blocks, intermingle unique, decorative jewelry hangers like our plug display statues and our brass hangers for displaying regular and large-gauge earrings. These pieces will add variance to the heights of your displays and draw people’s attention to some of your more expensive pieces. You can also use body bits mounted in stands to display jewelry for specific piercings, like lip rings on a pair of silicone lips, tongue rings on silicone tongues, and even CBRs and bent barbells on penis-shaped silicone body bits. Shaped mirrors and solar-powered rotating displays provide another option for displaying special body jewelry and adding variety to your jewelry display cases. Here are a few examples of the unique display options we offer:

Unique Body Jewelry Displays

Ear Body Bit Display for Displaying Earrings, Ear Cuffs & Other Ear Piercing Jewelry Elementals Organics Display Stands With Inlaid Mother of Pearl & Abalone Head Statues for Displaying Plugs for Stretched Lobes
Body Bits for Displaying Jewelry by Body Part Elementals Organics Display Stands & Boxes Statue for Displaying Plugs & Tunnels
Decorative Brass Stands for Displaying Earrings 3-Piece Acrylic Display Stand Set Aluminum Display Stand for A Pound of Fresh Synthetic Arms
Decorative Brass Earring Display Stands 3-Piece Set of Acrylic Display Stands Pound of Flesh Aluminum Display Stands


Consider mixing a variety of these different types of displays in a creative way to give each of your cases a distinct theme. You can have your tattoo artists decorate A Pound of Flesh hands and feet and mix them into your displays to create eye-catching centerpieces, too.

At The Studio at Painful Pleasures, we created a number of themed display cases that focus on different types of products we sell through One case contains medical supplies, another is filled with aftercare products, several focus on our unique organic body jewelry, and so on. Take a look at the two photos below to get a small peek into our unique organic jewelry display cases, or visit our Instagram page to see photos of our other displays. (Note that most of our Studio photos were posted in 2013 right after we setup the display cases, so you’ll have to scroll down a way to see our display photos.) Hopefully these images will get your creative juices flowing and help you think up fun ways you can display the products you sell using our stands, jewelry cases, body bits, assorted body jewelry, and other merchandising tools:

Organic Body Jewelry Displays at The Studio at Painful Pleasures

Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare Displays for Your Shop

Many of our tattoo and piercing aftercare products are available to shop owners, tattoo artists and piercers in convenient aftercare display cases and dispensers. By purchasing aftercare products in these cases, you’ll save money and receive the aftercare products you order in the most easily-displayable sets possible–sets you can put on top of counters and shelves throughout your shop, or that you can group together into a single themed piercing and tattoo aftercare display cabinet. Below is a sampling of the many aftercare display sets we offer. You’ll find our full selection in our Aftercare section.

Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare Display Cases

24 Can Case of Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray 50 After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Pillow Packs in Dispenser Box Case of 12 System One Piercing Aftercare Spray Bottles
Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray 24 Pack 50 After Inked Pillow Packs in Dispenser System One Piercing Aftercare Spray 12 Pack
Case of 24 Tattoo Goo Tattoo Aftercare Ointment Tins H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Display Case (must buy aftercare products separately) Richie Bulldog Certified Hustle Butter Display Set
24 Tins of Tattoo Goo Ointment H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Display Only 24-Jar Hustle Butter Aftercare Display
24 Jars of Ink Fixx Tattoo Aftercare Ointment 24 Pack of Color Guard Tattoo Sunscreen Sticks by Tattoo Goo 24 Pack of Blue Wave Saline Rinse Piercing Aftercare by Tattoo Goo
24 Jars of Ink Fix Tattoo Care Ointment 24 Tattoo Goo Color Guard Sunblock Sticks 24 Pack of Blue Wave Piercing Wash


Organizing Your Work Spaces

Once the front of your shop is well organized and attractively merchandized in a way that will help you sell the most body jewelry, aftercare supplies and other merchandise, it’s time to turn your attention to organizing the back of your shop, including your body modification artists’ work spaces. We offer a variety of organizational tools appropriate for all work spaces, from clean rooms to modification rooms and beyond. We also carry accessories designed specifically to make tattoo and piercing artists more efficient by providing them with organizational tools specific to their crafts. Let’s take a look at each of these three key areas separately: General organizational tools, organizational accessories for tattoo artists, and organizational tools for piercers.

General Organizational Tools for Your Shop

There are certain supplies to which tattoo and piercing artists and general shop staff all need access that can be organized more efficiently if you utilize the many tools available to you. Wall-Mounted Sharps Container Lock BoxesFor instance, Sharps containers can be wall-mounted in special locked boxes specifically designed to hold Sharps containers, which will free up workspace on counter tops that may currently house your Sharps containers.

Glove boxes can also be mounted on the wall in glove dispensers, which should be placed in convenient areas where they’ll be in easy reach anytime an employee needs a fresh pair of gloves. Place a wall-mounted glove dispenser on the wall in your clean room, and put one in each of your body modification work spaces. You might even place a glove box dispenser near where you store cleaning supplies, so that employees can quickly grab a pair of gloves before cleaning up your shop.

You can store medical disposables like cotton swabs, cotton balls and tongue depressors in metal medical canisters on counter tops in areas where these items are used most frequently. Wall-mount rinse cups in cup dispensers near sinks and in piercing and tattoo work spaces. Fill sundry jars with Petrify tea bags so they’re in easy reach when you need one to soak up fluids in a Sharps container or solidify inky water from tattooing so it can be tossed in the trash instead of poured down a sink. You can also place anything from alcohol swab packets to Prevantics swabs to aftercare sample pouches in plastic storage jars, hang convenient automatic soap dispensers by your sinks, store dental bibs in dispensers in tattoo and piercing work spaces, and more. We even offer wall-mounted surgical marker dispensers and toothpick holders to simplify the way you store these modification supplies. Take a closer look at some of these helpful organizational tools below, and click on any you’re interested in reading about further or purchasing.

Organizers for General Shop Supplies

Medical Canisters for Storing Disposables Like Cotton, Swabs, Tongue Depressors, etc. Wall-Mounted Glove Box Dispensers Petrify Tea Bag Sundry Jars
Medical Disposables Storage Canisters
Plastic & Glass Jars Also Available
Wall-Mounted Glove Box Dispensers
Latex & Nitrile Gloves Sold Separately
Petrify Tea Bags in Sundry Jars
Shop for Other Petrify Products
Wall-Mounted 3 oz. Rinse Cup Dispenser Acrylic Dental Bib Dispensers Acrylic Precision Mini Surgical Marker Dispensers
Wall-Mounted Rinse Cup Dispensers
3 oz. Rinse Cups Sold Separately
Acrylic Dental Bib Dispensers
Bibs & Drape Cloths Sold Separately
Precision Mini Surgical Marker Dispensers
Surgical Markers Sold Separately
Toothpick Holders Plastic Sundry Jars for Storing Alcohol Pads, Swabs, Sample Aftercare Packets, etc. Storage Bins for Jewelry, Tattoo Tips, Ink Cups, & Much More
Toothpick Holders
Holds Toothpicks for Marking Mods
Plastic Sundry Storage Jars
Other Plastic, Glass & Metal Jars Available
Modification Supply & Jewelry Storage Bins
Bin Dividers & Other Bins Also Available


Tattoo Workspace Organizers & Accessories

Tattoo artists use products that piercers do not, and vice verse, so it makes sense that there are organizational tools and accessories available designed specifically to make tattoo artists’ jobs easier. Things like ink cup holders, tattoo cases and containers, and tattoo pen dispensers are all effective tools for organizing a tattoo artist’s workspace. Below you’ll find a sampling of the many organizational tools we offer to help tattoo artists work as efficiently as possible.

Tools & Accessories for Organizing Tattoo Work Spaces

30 Ink Bottle Holder for 2 oz. Bottles (1 oz. & 4 oz. Bottle Sizes Also Available) #9 & #16 Tattoo Ink Cup Holder Acrylic Barrier Film Dispensers
Holder for 30 2 Oz. Tattoo Ink Bottles
Stands Available for Other Size Ink Bottles
#9 & #16 Tattoo Ink Cup Holders
6 Different Ink Cup Holder Styles Available
Acrylic Barrier Film Dispensers
Barrier Film Sold Separately
3 oz. Rinse Cup & #9 & #16 Ink Cup Acrylic Holder Acrylic Precision Mini Surgical Marker Dispensers 4 oz. Empty Ink Bottles With Twist Tops (also available in 1 oz. & 2 oz. sizes)
Ink Cup Stand for 3 Oz., #9 & #16 Cups
This Is Another 1 of the 6 Ink Cup Stand Options
Precision Mini Surgical Marker Dispensers
Tattoo Pens Sold Separately
4 Oz. Empty Ink Bottles With Twist Tops
4 Sizes & Glass Eyedropper Option Available
TatSoul Forte Fully Loaded Workstation With Base & Top Dumpsty Mini Dumpster for Storage or Trash Medical Canisters for Storing Disposables Like Cotton, Swabs, Tongue Depressors, etc.
TatSoul Forte Fully Loaded Workstation
Forte Base Only & Portable Station Available
Mini Dumpsty for Trash or Storage
Also Available in Raw Metal You Can Decorate
Canisters to Store Disposables Like Gauze
Glass Sundry Jars Also Available
Stainless Steel Tattoo Instrument & Supply Trays for Your Workspace Organize Your Tattoo Flash Art With One of Our TatSoul Flash Racks 250 ML Tattoo Washer Bottles (Also Available in 500 ML Size)
Steel Tattoo Instrument Trays
Buy Dental Bibs, Dispensers & Drape Cloths
2 Tier Freestanding TatSoul Flash Rack
1 Tier Flash & Wall-Mount Racks Available
250 ML Tattoo Washer Bottles
500 ML Bottles & Spray Bottles Available
Stainless Steel Medical Bowl for Tattooing Tattoo Cases & Travel Cases for Tattoo Artists to Store Equipment Safely Bins for Storing Tattoo Ink Cups, Grommets, O-Rings, & Other Smaller Tattoo Supplies
Steel Medical Bowl for Tattooing
See All of Our Medical Trays & Stands
Tattoo Machine Cases
Tattoo Equipment Cases & Bags Available
Bins for Storing Ink Cups, O-Rings & More
Storage Bin Dividers Also Available


Piercing Workspace Organizers

We offer a variety of organizational tools and accessories to help piercing artists work as efficiently as possible and ensure that all the tools they need to pierce clients are always within easy reach. Below you’ll find some of our more popular piercing workspace organizers and accessories. If you’d like to peruse our full selection of supplies that can help you optimize your workspace, including piercing tools and piercing studio furniture, check our our Piercing Supplies section.

Tools & Accessories for Organizing Piercing Work Spaces

Stainless Steel Medical Kidney Trays for Piercing 8 Piece Body Piercing Tool Kit in Case to Keep Your Piercing Tools Organized Double Post Mayo Stand With 2 Tray Sizes, for Organizing Piercing Tools
Piercing Steel Medical Kidney Trays
Steel Medical Bowls Also Available
8 Piece Piercing Tool Kit in Organizer Case
17 Body Piercing Tool Kits Available
Piercing Stand With 2 Tray Sizes
Steel Medical Trays Also Available
Medical Jar for Holding Piercing Forceps & Other Piercing Instruments Plastic Sundry Jar With Lid (Alternate Styles & Materials Available, Including Glass & Steel Jars) Toothpick Holders for Holding Toothpicks to Mark Piercing Sites
Medical Jar to Hold Piercing Tools
Jars Hold a Variety of Piercing Instruments
Plastic Medical Storage Jar With Lid
Other Plastic, Glass & Metal Jars Available
Holders for Toothpicks to Mark Piercings
Toothpicks & Gentian Violet Sold Separately
Custom Acrylic Card Holders for Keeping Jewelry Size Cards & Business Cards Organized Dumpsty Mini Dumpster for Non-Hazardous Piercing Trash or Storage Piercing Supply Canisters for Storing Tongue Depressors, Cotton Balls, Gauze, etc.
Custom Engraved Card Holders
Holds Business or Jewelry Measuring Cards
Dumpsty Bin for Piercing Trash
Available in Green, too; Great for Storage
Piercing Disposables Storage Canisters
Use to Store Cotton Swabs, Gauze & More
Green Soap Skin Prep Wipes in Convenient Storage Tub Mount Rinse Cups on Your Work Station for Easy Access When Doing Oral Piercings Case of 12 Packs of X-Pressions Liquid Piercing Swab in a Case You Can Keep on Any Counter Top in Your Piercing Area
Tub of Green Soap Skin Prep Wipes
See Our Other Skin Prep & Skin Cleansers
Mountable Piercing Rinse Cup Dispensers
3 oz. Rinse Cups Sold Separately
12 X-Pressions Piercing Swab Packs
Set Convenient Dispenser Box Anywhere



Other Tattoo, Piercing & Shop Supplies & Helpful Resources

We Make Custom A-Frame Signs, Posters, Business Cards, & Much More for Tattoo & Piercing Shop Owners & ArtistsPainful Pleasures carries all the supplies you need to clean and organize your shop and practice your craft as a tattoo or piercing artist. The products shown here are just a sampling of the many helpful tools and other resources we have to offer to assist you in working as efficiently as possible. Check out these other areas of our site for additional products and information you may find useful:

  • Tattoo SuppliesWhether you need a new tattoo machine, tattoo needles, a new tattoo chair, ink, or other tattoo supplies, you’ll find everything you need here.
  • Piercing SuppliesWe carry a broad range of piercing tools, piercing needles, piercing aftercare and anesthetic products, and more in this section.
  • Medical Supplies If you’re looking for medical disposables like tape, gauze, sterilization bags, Sharps containers, or even a new autoclave or ultrasonic cleaner, you’ll find it here.
  • Displays & Packaging All of our unique jewelry displays, body bits, and other items to help you organize and merchandise the front of your shop can be found in this section.
  • Print & Design CenterWe make a wide variety of custom marketing materials for tattoo and piercing artists and shop owners in our in-house Graphic Design Studio. We can make A-frame signs to promote special events in front of your shop, posters, custom business cards, and much more. Learn about our unique selection of custom marketing materials in our Print & Design Center.
  • Limitless Custom JewelryShowcase the artwork of your talented tattoo artists on unique, custom Limitless jewelry. We can laser-etch designs on wooden plugs, put full-color graphics on resin-coated plugs with stainless steel tunnels, engrave pendants, belt buckles, phone cases, and other products with your designs, and much more. Limitless jewelry makes the most unique upsell you can offer in your shop!
  • Information CenterOur Information Center is filled with helpful information for industry professionals and body mod enthusiasts alike. Read about things like sterilization, ultrasonic cleaners and how they work, how best to maintain your tattoo and piercing tools, what supplies you need if you’re a new piercer just getting started, and much, much more. Just click one of the main sections, like Shop Safety, to see all related articles within that section.


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