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Our Painful Pleasures Graphics Department works hard to offer artists and businesses the custom products you need to succeed. One of the simplest and most efficient ways of branding your name and advertising is the creation of a website to drive traffic and show off your work and your shop. 

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Our Painful Pleasures Graphics Department works hard to offer artists and businesses the custom products you need to succeed. One of the simplest and most efficient ways of branding your name and advertising is the creation of a website to drive traffic and show off your work and your shop. 

We are currently building this program and will be in touch with more details soon. It is currently not available but here are the preliminary details:

Our Complete Website Partner Program works on the concept that when you succeed, we succeed. You have the opportunity to lease a complete, custom built website, with a fully loaded shopping cart filled with thousands of body jewelry products.

The idea is simple:

  • You get a professional looking website that sells our body jewelry and apparel.
  • Your website will the same retail products and body jewelry that are currently available on our online store.
  • We lease you the website at our cost. We make absolutely no money off of this. We are currently working on the montly pricing structure. Depending on the amount of business you already do with us, you might qualify to get this for free.
  • We are only looking to offer these websites to professional piercing, tattoo or retail operations. You must have a brick and mortar shop to qualify for our program.
  • Look at this as an extension to your existing retail location. Its your chance to easily and quickly and inexpensively expand your business in no time.
  • Unless your entire store is dedicated to selling body jewelry and tattoo supplies, its nearly impossible to stock our full inventory. You will stock the best sellers in your store and if you have a customer that does not see what they are looking for. You guide them to your website. They log on to your stores website and they see your branded shopping cart with our products.
  • At no time during YOUR Customers shopping experience do they know they are looking at Painful Pleasures products. If your customer decides to purchase something from the website, they do so and check out. We then receive the order and fulfill and ship to your customer.
  • Note: This isn’t a drop ship operation. If you are interested in Drop Shipping Please email us for more details and check out our drop shipping page.

Your Benefits:

  • We will build a professional website  with your custom branding. Your custom branded website is designed with your look, your color choices, your own logo, your name, and is then available to your customers. Sites will be created under your selected domain name and hosted on our secure web servers.  
  • We build you a fully functional website, ready to begin taking orders as soon as we finish. The site is seamlessly integrated with our shopping cart.
  • The website includes all graphics and images of the jewelry. No need to waste any of your time taking pics. Let our photographers do it for you. You worry about marketing and getting your business name out there.
  • The shopping cart is easy to use. You can add and delete products at will. This allows you to also list other products on your site as well that you might sell.
  • We use Magento for our shopping cart system.
  • The shopping cart comes fully stocked with thousands of products.
  • You get one year of full hosting, that is fully upgradeable if you ever outgrow the plan. These are the basics of your hosting plan:
    • 400 MB Disk Space
    • 6 GIGs Transfer /mo.
    • 10 POP3 Emails
    • Unlimited Forwards
    • 5 MySQL Database
    • 1 Mailing List
    • Personal CGI-BIN
    • PHP4, SSI, etc.
    • 2 Sub-Domanis
    • Web Based Email

Our Benefits:

  • Another company that sells our products and potentially a repeat valued customer.

Things you have to do before we can begin:

  • Purchase a domain name if you don’t have one already.
  • If you don’t have a merchant account, it is recommended you get one. Having a Merchant Account enables you to take peoples credit card info over the phone or directly on the site for a faster check out.
  • It’s not necessary that you have a merchant account because you can still accept money orders and you can still accept credit cards via, and also still take phone orders as well for COD payment.
  • If you plan on purchasing a Merchant Account or already have one please contact us before doing so. We can point you to merchant accounts we recommend. It’s important you purchase one that is compatible with the shopping cart software. Contact us for all questions.
  • With a merchant account, you will need an SSL cert. This can be purchased after the site is built and ready to begin taking orders.

Various Options that will help keep you current:

  • Since you are purchasing a shopping cart, current to the day your site is operational, it is very easy to update your site. All you have to do is look at the new body jewelry section for new body jewelry that is added. You can either choose to add the jewelry yourself. Or you can pay us a small nominal fee to update your products and keep them current at the end of each month.
  • Why not have us install an Affiliate Program. By getting others to sell your jewelry you can grow bigger quicker. Prices starting at $145.00 Call for details 410-712-0145
  • Need Business Cards, let us design and print them for you. You can find out more about our Print & Design Services here.
  • Anything you need to get your business going we can do or have done for you at highly competetive prices.

Overall, This is a great opportunity to start a new business, grow your current business, give your business a more professional look and obtain the knowledge and dedication from one of the fastest growing body jewelry businesses in the industry.

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