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Human Suspension Hooks, Rigs & More

Learn about Human Suspension Hooks, Rigs & More.
by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Human suspension rituals can be traced back to the Mandan tribe, an indigenous people who lived along the banks of the Missouri River. Modern suspension rituals are more closely linked to performance art, although many practice these rituals because of how deeply  spiritual, cathartic and physically transcendental the experience of suspension can be.

Unless you’re a professional, suspension is something that you only want to try under the supervision of an experienced suspension artist who can safely guide you through the process–someone who knows if static or dynamic rigging will work best based on the location where you’ll be engaging in suspension and how to prepare the rigging to avoid injury. A strong background in first aid is also a plus.

Some of the tools most commonly needed for human suspension include:

  • Suspension Hooks
  • Suspension Rigs
  • Gilson Hooks
  • Gilson Hook Keys
  • Suspension Hooks
  • Piercing Needles
  • Gauze Sponges

You’ll find all these tools and more in the Suspension Hooks section of our site.

Fun Fact: The polished titanium pins included in the Skin Mechanics Joe Amato Gilson Hooks we sell are made right here in the Painful Pleasures warehouse in Hanover, MD!

Interested in seeing human suspension pictures? Check out the Pulling, Stretching & Suspension section of our photo gallery. You can also visit the Suspension section of our forum to read about other people’s experiences, share your stories, and even submit questions for our knowledgeable moderators and experienced community members to answer.

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