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Cheyenne Service Repair FAQ Videos

Here you will find an 8-part video series by Cheyenne addressing FAQs.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 16, 2021

The Cheyenne Service Repair Series featuring Hawk Chait, the head of Cheyenne US and Canada service repair, goes over some of the most commonly asked questions regarding troubleshooting, proper maintenance, and Cheyenne’s repair/warranty service. Learn more below.

Part 1: How to Ship Your Machine


Part 2: The Clipcord Cable


Part 3: Troubleshooting


Part 4: Cleaning Your Tattoo Machine


Part 5: How to Properly Bag Your Machine


Part 6: Warranty of Your Machine


Part 7: Cheyenne Cables & Adapters


Part 8: Repair Service Online


For general information on returns and machine warranty, please view our Returns page or contact us at

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