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How to Display & Sell Your Art

Making a great living as an artist can be tough unless you're really well known and your art is highly sought after. Fortunately, whether you're a tattoo artist, a painter or another type of artist, you now have more ways than ever to supplement the income you make from your original artwork thanks to our Limitless products. We offer a wide variety of options for displaying and selling your artwork in unique ways that are sure to appeal to your fans. Learn about our custom printed marketing materials, signs, personalized products, and other customized products in this article.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 14, 2021

Limitless Canvas Prints Displayed in The Studio at Painful Pleasures Making a great living as an artist can be tough unless you’re really well known and your art is highly sought after–hence the prevalence of the term “starving artist”. Fortunately, whether you’re a tattoo artist, a painter, a graphic designer, or another type of artist, you now have more ways than ever to supplement the income you make from your original artwork thanks to our Limitless product line.

Through our Print & Design Center, Painful Pleasures offers artists like you a host of options for displaying and selling artwork in unique ways that are sure to appeal to your fans. In addition to custom promotional materials that you can use to create printed portfolios and advertise your artwork in other ways, our Limitless line also includes personalized products, canvas prints, artist papers, and posters on which you can have your artwork printed or laser engraved. You can then sell these exclusive pieces of art in your shop, at tattoo conventions and other events, and elsewhere to increase profits and give yourself an edge over competitors. Those fans who admire your work but can’t afford an original tattoo or other piece by you will jump at the chance to own your art in one or more of these other formats.


Canvas Prints, Artist Papers & Posters

Limitless Custom Artist Papers Have your artwork printed on polished-looking stretched or rolled canvas, artist papers or poster paper to add a unique upsell to your tattoo shop or art studio. Whichever options you choose, you’ll find that you have numerous choices for various aspects of your printed artwork, like size and style. With our custom canvas prints, you can choose from different border options, select the depth of the frame we use to block your canvas prints or choose our rolled canvas option, and specify your desired canvas size. We also offer smooth or textured artist papers in assorted sizes, as well as seven different custom poster sizes. The more prints you purchase, the lower your costs and the higher your profit margin will be.

Display your custom canvas prints, artist papers and posters prominently in your studio. Hang canvas prints on the walls or display them on easels. Setup a poster display using our banner stands and frames, and keep extra copies of your custom posters rolled, rubber banded and ready to sell close by so customers can pick one up when they see the display and want a copy of your art. Display artist papers in a tattoo flash rack for customers to peruse, and keep extra copies stored safely where you can easily access them whenever someone wants to purchase one. Limitless Custom Posters You can also frame artist papers and hang them on the walls of your studio.

For a really eye-catching display to pair with your custom canvas prints, artist papers and/or posters, choose one of our A-frame signs, acrylic frames, poster stands, or other custom signs and stands. Visit our Product Templates page to find an AI, PDF or EPS template for the type of sign you choose, and then design a sign that includes your artwork overlaid with a message about your new product offerings and prices. We’ll then create a fabulous sign for you to use to advertise your new canvas prints, artist papers and/or posters in your studio.


Personalized Merchandise

We offer a variety of different types of personalized merchandise that provide artists with really cool alternatives for selling their art. Choose from custom decals, stickers and magnets, custom printed cards and envelopes that you can use to make your own greeting cards featuring your art, custom postcards, plugs and fake plugs, belt buckles, pendants, and phone cases, all of which can be customized with your art. We’ll either laser engrave your artwork onto the products you choose or custom print them with your art, depending on the types of personalized merchandise you select. Peruse samples of the customizable Limitless products we offer below, or click any product type shown to learn more about it, see additional sample images, and place an order.

Limitless Custom Merchandise Featuring Your Art

Limitless Custom Belt Buckles | Personalized Belt Buckles Custom Printed Cards | Custom Greeting Cards Limitless Custom Decals
Custom Printed Envelopes | Custom Envelopes Limitless Custom Fake Plugs Limitless Custom Magnets | Personalized Magnets
Limitless Custom Pendants | Personalized Pendants Limitless Custom Phone Cases | Personalized Phone Cases Limitless Custom Postcards | Personalized Postcards
Limitless Custom Plugs | Personalized Plugs Gauges Limitless Custom Stickers | Personalized Stickers  



Tools for Displaying Your Art

Our Limitless line offers practically infinite ways to display your artwork. In addition to the signs and stands described above, we also offer banner stands, indoor stands, outdoor stands, hanging banners, and a host of custom printed marketing materials. Custom Poster Stand | Limitless Custom Signs and Custom Displays Choose from brochures, flyers, letterhead, envelopes, notepads, and more. Here are a few ideas for ways you can use these tools to display your artwork, just to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Place a custom A-frame sign on the sidewalk outside of your studio to display your artwork on one side and advertise specials on a dry erase board on the opposite side.
  • If your studio is located off the beaten path, place an outdoor banner stand featuring your art and company name closer to the road, so people driving by will know you’re there.
  • Use our custom acrylic signs to display your art along with pricing and promotions within your studio.
  • Order an indoor banner stand featuring your artwork and name to draw attention to your booth at conventions and other events.
  • Hang a back-lit sign featuring your artwork in your shop to make it really pop.
  • Use our custom brochures to create a mini portfolio of your artwork that also includes your name, company name, contact info, website, and social media handles. Set some out in your shop, buy a mailing list from and mail out brochures to draw in new business, and hand out your custom brochures at tattoo conventions or other events.
  • Have custom flyers printed with your artwork and contact info. Put them on the windshields of cars in parking lots in your area, or go door to door, roll up the flyers, and place one in between each doorjamb and doorknob so they’ll unroll slightly and stay in place. You can also use flyers for a mailing instead of brochures by tri-folding them and stapling them together on one side or by stuffing them in custom envelopes.
  • Use custom poster stands to display your artwork in your studio, at conventions and at other events.
  • If your studio has a big front window and/or glass door, have your artwork printed on outside window perforated film, and then attach it to your front window(s). This medium allows light to filter in and you to see outside while displaying your bold, beautiful, attention-grabbing graphics to the outside world.
  • You can even have your artwork laser etched on acrylic body jewelry displays or printed on table covers that you can use to cover tables in your shop and at events!


Ordering & Customizing Limitless Products

Limitless Custom Brochures and Other Custom Print Marketing Materials Once you’ve chosen the custom products you want to purchase, you’ll need to prepare and send us your artwork. Visit our Product Templates page to download templates for the products you’ve selected in AI, PDF or EPS format. Open the file(s) in your preferred graphic design software, make sure the DPI (Dots Per Inch) setting is at least 300, and start designing your personalized merchandise, displays, or custom marketing materials. If you don’t have time to design your custom artwork yourself, we can help! Just add one of our “Hourly Rate” options to cart for each hour of work you want us to do for you, and we’ll prepare the artwork for you and get your approval before creating your custom products.

When you have your artwork ready, place an order for the custom merchandise you want us to make for you. Some products will have an on-page option to upload your art at the time you add the item to cart, but for larger designs, you’ll need to either email us your graphics or send them to us via our FTP site. For more information, read our How to Send Us Your Files article. We also offer helpful articles about understanding photo image sizes, choosing printing colors and more in our Print & Design Information section.

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