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How to Market Your Shop With Limitless Products

Marketing your tattoo and piercing shop has never been easier, thanks to Limitless custom products. We offer custom business cards, flyers, signs, displays, brochures, stickers, magnets, stationary, customizable merchandise you can sell in your shop, and more, all featuring your art. Read this article to learn about the custom products available in our Print & Design Center and how you can use them to market your tattoo and piercing shop in your community and at conventions.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 14, 2021

Outdoor Window Perforated Film for Advertising Your Shop to the Outside World Marketing your tattoo and piercing shop has never been easier, thanks to Limitless custom products. We offer custom business cards, flyers, signs, displays, brochures, stickers, magnets, stationary, customizable merchandise you can sell in your shop, and more, all featuring your art. Learn about each type of Limitless custom product currently available and how you can use it to market your shop in the sections below.


Limitless Banners, Signs & Displays

Our Limitless Displays & Signs section includes four different custom banner options, outside window perforated film, back-lit film, seven types of custom posters, eleven types of sign stands and frames like A-frame signs and banner stands, engraved product displays, decals, and even custom table covers to help you advertise your tattoo and piercing shop, products and services in your community, within your shop and at body mod conventions.

Double-Sided X-Frame Banner for Advertising Your Shop Outside or at Conventions Hang a custom banner featuring your business name, logo and phone number across your shop’s roof or over your front door so people know you’re open for business. Put a custom outdoor sign stand by the entrance to the shopping center where your shop is located or somewhere else near the road to draw the attention of people driving by who may not yet know about your studio. Set a custom A-frame sign featuring your current specials on the sidewalk outside of your shop to entice people walking by to step inside. Decorate your front window with an outside window perforated film featuring colorful, attractive graphics that will draw people in while still letting light filter into your studio. Mount custom back-lit film over a light box on a wall of your shop to advertise prices or special offers to clients, or to showcase some of your tattoo artists’ best work. Decorate display windows, shop windows or even your car windows with custom decals that double as cool marketing giveaways that will help spread the word about your tattoo and piercing shop as your clients start using them to decorate their own car windows. Add interest to body jewelry displays by placing jewelry in engraved acrylic displays. You can also have custom acrylic frames made up to pair with product displays, providing interested customers with product details and/or pricing.

When you’re working a convention, decorate your booth with one or two of our custom table covers featuring your shop name and logo. Laser Engraved Jewelry Display Blocks Place an attention-grabbing banner stand nearby to attract the attention of people walking by. Use custom posters to showcase your tattoo artists’ artwork, and sell copies of the posters to tattoo enthusiasts who stop by your booth. If you want to increase your convention profits even more, you can also sell personalized products like plugs and belt buckles featuring your tattoo artists’ artwork at your booth. (Learn more about custom merchandise below.)


Limitless Custom Print Marketing Materials

Go pro by advertising your shop with Limitless custom print marketing materials. Choose from custom business cards in different shapes, Limitless Custom Brochures to Advertise Your Tattoo and Piercing Shop's Services company letterhead and matching envelopes, custom brochures and flyers, custom magnets and stickers in cool shapes, custom printed postcards, gift cards, and even custom notepads.

How can you use our Limitless custom marketing materials to promote your business? The options are practically endless! Consider buying a mailing list from USPS and sending out mailers featuring your shop name, logo, contact info, tattoo art, and a special deal to all potential clients in your area. Your mailers can be in the form of custom postcards, brochures, or flyers stuffed in custom envelopes. Send your team to the streets with stacks of custom brochures or flyers featuring your shop info, your tattoo artists’ artwork and a special offer, and have them hand the flyers out to interested passerby or put them on people’s windshields or front doors. If you really want to grab people’s attention, hand out custom stickers or magnets instead of flyers; you may only be able to fit your logo and basic contact info on them, but people are less likely to throw away something interesting or useful like stickers and magnets. Both items make great giveaways at conventions, too.

Limitless Custom Cards Featuring Your Tattoo Art, Event Invitations and More Print all of your tattoo and piercing aftercare instructions on custom stationary with your shop name, logo and contact info on every sheet. Have your artists use custom notepads to take notes about tattoos and other mods they’re planning with clients, or just sell the notepads to your fans in your shop and at conventions. For a really unique upsell, create your own custom gift cards featuring your tattoo artists’ artwork on the covers, and market them for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. If you plan a grand opening celebration or other special event, custom cards also make attractive invitations for those on your guest list. Always keep a stack of custom business cards on hand, too, for clients who request them, to hand out at conventions, and to give to anyone you meet who’s interested in getting modified at your shop.


Limitless Custom Merchandise

Limitless personalized products offer a unique opportunity to sell your tattoo artists’ artwork in your shop and at tattoo conventions. Choose from a variety of customizable products, like belt buckles, pendants, phone cases, plugs for stretched piercings, fake plugs, stickers, custom canvas prints, artist papers, and posters. Custom Plugs and Other Personalized Merchandise You Can Sell in Your Shop and at Conventions All of our custom products can either be printed or laser engraved with graphics you send us, giving you limitless possibilities for selling personalized merchandise to your clients and fans of your tattoo artists’ work. Our personalized products make awesome giveaways to drum up interest at conventions, too. Ask people who stop by your booth to provide their email addresses for a chance to win a cool piece of personalized merchandise, and you’ll be building your marketing email list in the process.


Ordering Limitless Custom Products

With all of our Limitless custom products, you can either send us the graphics you want us to print on your custom advertising materials and laser etch on your personalized merchandise or you can pay us prepare designs for you. We offer an hourly rate option that you can add to cart when purchasing Limitless Custom Stickers Limitless custom products if you want our talented graphic designers to work with you on the perfect design for your custom signs, printed marketing materials, personalized products, or other Limitless merchandise. If you’d rather design your own Limitless products, no problem. Just download the appropriate product templates to use as a base for your custom product graphics, open the templates in your preferred graphic design program, and start designing. If you need help understanding photo image sizes or printing colors, or if you just want to read detailed instructions for ordering and designing a specific type of custom product, you’ll find all the information you need in the Print & Design Center section of our Help Center.

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