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Precision Tattoo Supplies

If you're looking for tattoo supplies that will yield great results affordably, then Precision is the brand for you. Precision is a Painful Pleasures brand that encompasses a wide variety of medical and tattoo supplies that you use every day to do your job--things like tattoo needles, tattoo tubes, tips and grips, medical tape, and much more. Learn all about the Precision tattoo supplies we offer and the benefits of each here.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 14, 2021

Precision Tattoo Supplies & Medical SuppliesIf you’re looking for tattoo supplies that will yield great results affordably, then Precision is the brand for you. Precision is a Painful Pleasures product line that encompasses a wide variety of tattoo and medical supplies that you use to do your job every day–things like tattoo needles, tattoo tubes, tips and grips, medical tape, and much more. For instance, if you’re a new artist just getting started or an experienced artist working to master a new tattooing technique, you may be interested in our Precision 2nd Skin tattoo practice skin. Need a new tattoo machine? We offer affordably-priced Precision tattoo machines that are built to last, too. Need tape and gauze to bandage fresh tattoos? We also carry an extensive line of Precision medical supplies that includes these items. You’ll find nearly every type of tattoo supply and medical supply you could possibly want in our Precision product line. Let’s take a closer look at the Precision supplies available and the benefits of each.


Precision Tattoo MachinesPrecision Tattoo Machines by CTPS Saveria Tattoo Machines

Each of our Precision tattoo machines is carefully crafted exclusively for Painful Pleasures by industry leader CTPS Saveria. CTPS Saveria has been making hand-crafted tattoo machines in Argentina for over 37 years. They’re one of the oldest brands around, and they’re still a strong presence in the tattoo industry to this day because they build such high-quality tattoo machines. Their designs are simple yet attractive, and the performance of their tattoo machines is unparalleled.

We partnered with CTPS Saveria to create a Precision tattoo machine for each tattooing function. Choose from liners, shaders, micro liners, and painters. Our Precision micro liners are small machines with a tight nucleus and coils. They perform at their best with 7 needles or fewer. Our regular Precision liners work best with 7 to 13 needles. Our shaders run a bit slower than our liners and with more delicacy than our Precision painters. They’re like hybrids of our other machines, with 8 coil wraps, an 8mm nucleus, and the ability to perform well with up to 15 needles. Our painters are our hardest-hitting tattoo machines; they have a 9.5mm nucleus and can accommodate 15+ needles.


Precision Tattoo Tubes, Tips & Grips

We offer a wide range of Precision tattoo tubes, tips and grips, from reusable, autoclavable steel tubes, tips and grips to disposable all-in-one units in a variety of styles so you can find the one that fits your hand best. You can learn more about each style of tube, tip and grip we offer in our Tattoo Tubes, Tips & Grips article, which explains the differences between our diamond, round, flat, and magnum steel tips and our Classic, Vision, Victory, and Vortex Wrath disposable tattoo tube-tip-grip combo units. You can also click on any image below to go right to its product detail page, where we offer full details about each type of disposable tattoo tube shown.

Precision Disposable Tube-Tip-Grip Combo Units

Classic Tattoo Tube & Grip Sets Precision Vision Tattoo Tube & Grip Sets Precision Victory Tattoo Tube & Grip Sets
Classic Tube & Grip Sets
Streamlined, pen-like disposable tattoo tubes in 3/4″ and 1″ sizes.
Vision Tube & Grip Sets
1″ disposable clear tubes with air-cushioned comfort grips & no-spin tubes.
Victory Tube & Grip Sets
1″ molded plastic tubes with clear tips & textured silicone comfort grips.
Super Mag Tube & Grip Sets Precision Vortex Wrath Tube & Grip Sets Precision PreSynergy Disposable Grips With Tubes & PreSynergy Tips
Super Mag Tube & Grip Sets
1″ disposable magnum tubes with wide comfort grips & channeled tips.
Vortex Wrath Tube & Grip Sets
1″ disposable tubes with shock absorbent grips & thin profile tips.
PreSynergy Tattoo Tips & Grips With Tubes
1″ plastic grips with tubes to pair with disposable plastic or metal tips.


Precision Reusable Steel Tubes, Tips & Grips & Disposable Grip Covers

Precision Flat, Diamond, Round, & Magnum Tattoo Tips Precision Steel Tattoo Tubes | Reusable Tattoo Tubes Precision Stainless Steel Tattoo Grips
Precision Steel Tips
Round, diamond, flat & magnum tattoo tips in a variety of sizes & styles.
Precision Steel Tubes
2″, 2.5″ & 3″ autoclavable, reusable steel tattoo tubes to use with our steel tips & grips.
Stainless Steel Tattoo Grips
Autoclavable steel grips in a range of styles so you find one to best fit your hand.
Painful Pleasures Autoclavable Plastic Tattoo Grips Disposable Precision Sterilized Memory Foam Tattoo Grip Covers Precision Cohesive Wrap Disposable Tattoo Grip Covers
Plastic Tattoo Grips
1″ autoclavable, reusable plastic grips in a wide variety of styles.
Precision Memory Foam Grip Covers
Sterilized, disposable comfort foam grip covers that mold to your hand.
Cohesive Wrap to Cover Grips
Cases or rolls of colorful cohesive wrap to pad autoclavable or disposable tattoo grips.


Precision Tattoo Needles

Precision Tattoo NeedlesOur Precision tattoo needles are made from sterilized, surgical-grade stainless steel that’s been precision-machined into flawless tattoo needles that are setting the standard for the industry. We offer them in a variety of configurations so that you’ll have the perfect tattoo needles for each type of tattoo work you do. Choose from extra super tight round liners, flat tattoo needles, magnum needles, round liners, round shaders, stacked magnum needles, and super tight round liner needles in a variety of needle groupings.

Our Precision Tattoo Needle & Tip Compatibility Chart will help you make the perfect needle-and-tip pairings for lining, shading and other tattooing techniques. You may also want to read our Understanding Tattoo Needles blog post and our Tattoo Needles & Codes article, too, if you’re a new tattoo artist or an experienced artist who’s just learning about Precision tattoo needles. In those articles, we translate our needle codes and explain which types of tattoo needles are best for the different results you may wish to achieve while tattooing. You can also click on the labeling system image below to view a larger version of it and see what each component of our Precision tattoo needle labels means.

Precision Tattoo Needles Label System


Precision Tattoo Tools & Accessories

In addition to core tattooing supplies like tattoo machines, tubes, tips, grips, and needles, we also offer a wide range of other tattoo tools and accessories you’re likely to need on a day-to-day basis, like tattoo ink cups, surgical skin markers, thermal copiers, and much more. Our goal is to provide you with quality tattoo supplies that are also affordable, which we do through our Precision line. Check out these useful Precision tattooing tools and accessories:

Miscellaneous Precision Tattoo Supplies

Precision Tattoo Pens for Drawing Free-Hand Tattoo Outlines Wall-Mounted Acrylic Precision Surgical Skin Marker Dispenser Precision Portable Thermal Tattoo Copier Machine | Tattoo Stencil Machines
Precision Tattoo Pens
Ultra fine tip surgical skin markers, sold individually & in cases.
Wall-Mounted Acrylic Tattoo Pen Dispenser
4mm-thick acrylic dispenser holds a case of Precision skin markers.
Thermal Tattoo Copier/Stencil Machine
Copy tattoo designs onto tattoo thermal copier paper & apply to clients’ skin.
Precision Ultra-Thin Light Box for Tracing Tattoo Designs Precision Sterile Tattoo Ink Cups in Multiple Sizes Precision Plastic Tattoo Ink Cup Holders in Multiple Styles & Sizes
Super-Thin Light Box
Lightweight, ultra-thin light box in 110v and 220v options.
Sterile Tattoo Ink Cups in Multiple Sizes
Single packs of sterile tattoo ink cup sheets in assorted sizes.
Plastic Tattoo Ink Cup Holders
Plastic tattoo ink cup holders in multiple styles that hold different-sized ink cups.
Empty Tattoo Ink Bottles Hand-Held Cordless, Battery-Operated Ink Mixer 8 oz. & 16 oz. Tattoo Washer Bottles
Empty Tattoo Ink Bottles
1 oz., 2 oz. & 4 oz. empty ink bottles with simple twist-off tops.
Battery-Operated Tattoo Ink Mixers
Cord-free way to mix & blend your tattoo ink; use with disposable mixer sticks.
Tattoo Washer Bottles
8 oz. & 16 oz. tattoo washer bottles you can fill with diluted skin cleanser solutions.
Precision Clean Room Spray Bottles for Tattoo Artists Precision Large Tattoo Case Precision Tattoo Travel Cases to Transport Tattoo Supplies
Precision Clean Room Spray Bottles
Spray bottles for clean room cleaners, available in 8 oz. & 16 oz. sizes.
Precision Brand Large Tattoo Case
Easily carry supplies to conventions & guest appearances with this briefcase.
Precision Tattoo Travel Cases
We offer large tattoo travel cases in multiple sizes & styles to suit your needs.
Precision 2nd Skin Tattoo Practice Skin Precision Armature Nipples for Tattoo Machines Precision Grommets for Tattoo Machines
Precision 2nd Skin
Sheets of tattoo practice skin in 3 sizes & practice sets available.
Precision Armature Nipples
Pack of 100 precision-made armature nipples for tattoo machines.
Precision Grommets
Pack of 100 precision-made grommets for tattoo machines.
Precision Portable Tattoo Power Supply Precision Digital Power Supply Units in 110v or 220v Precision Dual Tattoo Power Supply
Precision Portable Tattoo Power Supply
Lightweight portable tattoo power supply; 110v & 220v options available.
Precision Digital Tattoo Power Supply Units
Digital 110v or 220v power supply units in multiple styles & styles.
Precision Dual Tattoo Power Supply
This convenient unit lets you plug your liner & shader into 1 tattoo power supply unit.


Precision Tattoo Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are an important component in modern tattooing, which requires tattoo artists to work in the most sterile environments possible. We offer a wide range of Precision tattoo medical supplies to meet your needs, like dental bibs, clip cord covers, machine bags, and bottle bags, as well as razors, medical tape, gauze, and more. You can check out our Precision medical supplies below. To learn about the differences between our Precision tape options, shown in the last row below, read our Our Take on Tattoo Tape article.

Miscellaneous Precision Tattoo Supplies

Disposable Precision Tattoo Bottle Bags Precision Tattoo Clip Cord Covers Disposable Precision Tattoo Machine Bags
Precision Bottle Bags
200 6″ x 8″ disposable bottle bags in an easy-dispense box.
Precision Clip Cord Covers
Box of 200 disposable clip cord covers to protect your gear.
Precision Machine Bags
Box of 250 6″ x 6″ disposable tattoo machine bags in an easy-dispense box.
Precision Cut-to-Length Clip Cord Bags on a Roll Precision Tattoo Sleeves | Disposable Arm Covers for Tattoo Artists Precision Dental Bibs for Tattoo Artists
Cut-to-Length Clip Cord Cover Rolls
Over 1,000′ of clip cord covering on every roll (~2″ wide); cut it to the perfect length.
Precision Tattoo Sleeves
Box of 100 disposable arm covers to protect tattoo artists’ arms.
Precision Dental Bibs
Dental bibs & drape cloths to cover clients & tattoo work surfaces.
Disposable Black Aprons for Barrier Protection While Tattooing Precision Grip Sleeves for Tattoo Artists Precision Blue Barrier Film & Barrier Film Dispensers
Disposable Black Barrier Aprons
100 disposable black plastic protective aprons to protect your clothes.
Precision Grip Sleeves
100 disposable grip sleeves to protect Cheyenne tattoo grips.
Blue Barrier Film & Dispensers
Rolls of blue barrier film & acrylic dispensers to prevent cross-contamination.
Precision Autoclave Pouches | Sterilization Pouches for Tattoo Equipment Precision Gauze in Multiple Sizes, for Bandaging New Tattoos Precision Razors for Shaving Clients Before Tattooing Them
Precision Sterilization Pouches
Autoclave bags in multiple sizes to sterilize your reusable tattoo tools.
Precision Gauze Pads
Sterile gauze pads in multiple sizes for bandaging new tattoos.
Precision Double Blade Razors
5 pack of Precision razors for shaving clients before you tattoo them.
1" Rolls of Precision Polyester Medical Tape 1"-Wide Rolls of Precision Non-Woven Cloth Tape for Bandaging New Tattoos 1"-Wide Precision Silk Medical Tape for Bandaging New Tattoos
Precision Polyester Medical Tape
Rolls & cases of 1″-wide polyester tape.
Precision Non-Woven Cloth Medical Tape
Rolls & cases of 1″-wide cloth tape.
Precision Silk Surgical Tape
Rolls & cases of 1″-wide silk medical tape.


Save More on Precision Medical & Tattoo Supplies

As you shop for the Precision medical supplies and Precision tattoo supplies shown here, you should know that there are a couple ways you can save even more on these already-low-priced products. The links in this article all point to our Wholesale Store, where we offer discounted prices to industry professionals spending between $100 and $499.99. If you spend $500 or more on an order, you can shop in our Distributor Store instead to take advantage of the lowest prices we offer industry professionals. When you purchase products in cases as opposed to individually, you’ll receive additional price breaks. Many items are also offered for lower prices if you purchase multiples; to see which products qualify, simply look for deals in the “Add to Cart” area of each individual product detail page. Happy shopping, and happy tattooing!

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