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Clear Tongue Ring Jewelry

If you're wondering how you can best hide your tongue ring at work or around family, clear tongue rings (a.k.a. tongue piercing retainers) are the answer.  Read this article to find out where you can purchase clear and light pink tongue piercing retainers, and which style of retainer may work best for you.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Clear tongue rings are a great alternative style of tongue piercing jewelry that you can wear to hide your piercing at work or in other situations, as needed. A clear tongue ring is really just a tongue piercing retainer that discreetly holds open the fistula (i.e. hole where you were pierced) so that your piercing won’t close when you’re in an environment where tongue piercings are not deemed acceptable. We carry 2 tongue piercing retainer options so that you can find the best style to meet your needs: clear tongue ring jewelry and transparent pink tongue piercing retainers.


Clear Tongue Rings | Clear Tongue Piercing Retainers

Clear Tongue Ring Retainers

Our clear tongue piercing retainers (shown to the right) are made of FDA-approved, dental-grade clear acrylic. They’re available in sizes 8g, 10g, 12g, and 14g. The shaft on each of our clear tongue rings is 5/8″ long, which is a standard length for tongue rings. Each clear tongue ring has a relatively flat top that will sit flush with your tongue and be even less visible than a clear ball would be.

Our clear tongue ring jewelry comes with either clear or black O-rings instead of bottom balls. This allows you to adjust how tightly your tongue barbell fits by sliding the O-ring up and down along the underside of the tongue ring shaft, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

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Transparent Pink Tongue Piercing RetainersPink Tongue Rings

We also carry transparent pink tongue ring retainers in size 14g. As with our clear tongue ring jewelry, our transparent pink tongue barbells are made of FDA-approved, dental-grade acrylic. Each pink tongue piercing retainer comes with a 5/8″-long shaft and a relatively-flat transparent pink top that may blend in with your tongue better than even a clear tongue ring retainer would. These tongue piercing retainers also come with O-rings in lieu of bottom balls. You can slide your O-ring up or down along the tongue barbell shaft to comfortably secure your tongue piercing retainer in place.

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