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Cool Tongue Rings

If you're looking for a super cool tongue ring, then this article's for you! We show you some of the coolest tongue rings in our extensive collection of straight barbells, as well as a few of the tongue ring accessories we carry that can make your tongue ring more fun for you and your partner. This article will also point you to our full tongue ring selection and some of our other helpful tongue ring and tongue piercing information articles.
by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Crazy Eye Acrylic Tongue RingsIf you’re looking for a cool tongue ring, you’ve come to the right place! Painful Pleasures is one of the world’s largest distributors of body jewelry, and we sell it to the general public at wholesale prices. We have a large assortment of tongue rings, including:

Take a look at some of our most unique cool tongue rings below. If you see one you like, just click on the image to go straight to the page where you can purchase that tongue ring. You can also visit our Straight Barbells section to see our entire tongue ring selection, which includes gold tongue rings, vibrating tongue rings, and other unique tongue barbell designs.

Our Coolest Tongue Rings

Crystal Heart Tongue Rings Ancient Skull Tongue Rings Iron Cross Tongue Rings | Independent Cross Tongue Rings
Koosh Ball Tongue Rings Vibrating Tongue Rings Glow in the Dark Tongue Rings
Star Tongue Rings Hex Top 8g Tongue Rings Gypsy Jeweled Tongue Ring With Spinners
Bloodshot Eyeball Tongue Rings Whistle Tongue Rings Dice Tongue Rings
Smiley Face Tongue Rings With Frowney Face Bottom Balls Pill Tongue Rings Penis Tongue Rings
UV Slave Tongue Rings Jeweled Star Tongue Rings Beach Ball Koosh Ball Tongue Rings
Single Disc Gem With O-Ring Tongue Ring Acrylic Flower Tongue Rings Dumb Bell Top Tongue Rings


Tongue Vine Tongue Ring AccessoryWe also sell accessories for standard tongue barbells that have metal top balls, like the Tongue Vine shown to the left, the UV Atom Bomb Tickler Top shown below, and our UV Mace Tickler. These tops fit right over the top ball on your tongue ring, or, in the case of our Tongue Vine, attach to both your top and bottom tongue ring balls. UV Atom Bomb Tickler Tongue Ring Accessory

In addition to our special tongue ring accessories, we have a variety of vibrating tongue rings for those looking for something extra special to use to please a partner.

Have fun shopping our selection of cool tongue rings and tongue ring accessories!

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To see a full list of our helpful tongue ring pages that can guide you to the perfect tongue ring for you, or to see our full collection of informative tongue piercing articles, which includes a Tongue Piercing FAQs page and tongue piercing aftercare tips, check out our Tongue Ring Information Guide.

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