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Custom Tongue Rings

If you're interested in learning about all the different ways you can customize your tongue ring, or just want to know where to find our custom tongue rings, you'll find the information you need here. We discuss how to change to a different gauge and/or length barbell, how to customize your tongue ring by adding a new top or accessory to it, and more.
by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Looking for a really unique, custom tongue ring? Maybe you want a very specific length, a heavier-than-usual gauge, a special top, or an accessory to enhance your partner’s pleasure? We have a variety of options to meet your needs!


Tongue Ring Shafts in Different Sizes

8g, 10g, 12g, & 14g Replacement Shafts That Work With 14g EndsIf you’ve decided that the standard 14g tongue ring isn’t for you, you can change your barbell shaft to 12g, 10g or 8g while still being able to use the same top and bottom ball or other tongue ring ends you have now. In our Shafts & Anchors section, you’ll find the tongue ring barbell shafts shown to ther right, which will all work with standard 14g externally-threaded ends. These replacement shafts are available in the following sizes: 14g, 12g, 10g, and 8g. They’re all externally-threaded, so if you want to be able to use them with ends for internally-threaded jewelry, you’ll also need a couple converter pieces. Just screw a converter piece onto each end of your externally-threaded barbell, and you’ll instantly be able to screw in any 14g ends for internally-threaded jewelry.

12g 1" Threaded Taper for Changing Tongue RingsIf you’re switching to a new size from a standard 14g tongue ring, you should only go up one size at a time. To make the switch, you may want to purchase a threaded taper in the same size as your new jewelry, to help ease the new-sized barbell through your piercing more gently. Just screw your barbell with one ball still attached to it to the threaded taper, and carefully pull the taper through your tongue piercing. Once the new barbell is in place, unscrew the taper from the end, and screw on the opposing ball or other decorative end. Wait at least 6-9 weeks before trying to insert a new barbell in an even larger size, so that your tongue can heal after stretching up a size.

If you’re perfectly happy with having a 14g tongue ring, but you need a barbell in a different length than you have now, check out our externally-threaded 14g shafts. As with the barbells above, you may also need a couple converter pieces if you want to be able to use your new shaft with ends for internally-threaded jewelry. Not sure what length barbell to choose to create your custom tongue ring? 5/8″ is a fairly standard size for tongue rings, but you may need a longer or shorter barbell depending on the thickness of your tongue. Talk to your piercer if you’re not sure what the ideal length is for you, or measure your current barbell from end to end (excluding balls and threading), and then get a new shaft that’s just slightly longer or shorter, based on your needs. Shafts are fairly inexpensive, so you could even pick up a few in different sizes to ensure you end up with the best-fitting tongue ring possible.


Custom Straight BarbellsCustom Tongue Rings

If you’re looking for an entirely custom tongue ring, then check out our selection of custom straight barbells. When you purchase one of these barbells, you’ll be able to choose from different materials, like titanium, stainless steel and gold, different finishes, lengths and gauges, and a variety of ball sizes and styles. You can even request top and bottom balls in different sizes, if, for instance, you’d like a smaller bottom ball to make your tongue ring sit more comfortably beneath your tongue.


Other Ways to Customize Your Tongue Ring

We offer a wide variety of different tongue ring tops and accessories that you can use to customize your tongue ring. Check out some of our favorite tongue ring tops and accessories below:

The Tongue Vine Tongue Ring Accessory, for Pleasing Your Partner Swarovski Crystal Tops for Tongue Rings in 4 Sizes & Multiple Color Options Disco Gem Balls for Tongue Rings
Gem Balls for Tongue Rings in 6 Sizes & 14 Colors UV Atom Bomb Tickler for Tongue Rings Custom Made Ladybug Top for Tongue Rings | Custom Gold Tongue Ring Tops
Blunt Tipped Cones for Tongue Rings Titanium Tongue Ring Balls in Different Colors Flat Gem Discs for Tongue Rings


Cool Tongue RingsTo see our entire selection of tongue rings, visit our Straight Barbells section. You can also peruse our Cool Tongue Rings article to see some of our most unique tongue rings. Painful Pleasures offers one of the world’s largest assortments of body jewelry, with more length, gauge and style options than you’ll find anywhere else online, so you’re sure to find the perfect custom tongue ring here!

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