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Fake Tongue Piercings

Have some fun with a conservative family member, friend or even your coworkers by wearing a fake tongue ring! You can either slide a captive bead ring with the bead popped out over the tip of your tongue, or buy a special suction ball to place on the center-top of your tongue so it looks like your tongue is pierced when it's not.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Suction an Externally-Threaded Ball on Your Tongue to Fake a Tongue PiercingHave some fun with a conservative family member, friend or even your coworkers by getting a fake tongue ring to go “in” your fake tongue piercing! A fake tongue ring typically isn’t a ring at all, nor is it a barbell. It’s usually just a ball that’s about the same size as the balls on a standard tongue barbell, but you can suction the fake tongue ring to the top-center of your tongue to make it appear as though your tongue is pierced. You can use a fake tongue ring to play a joke on someone, making them think your tongue is really pierced when it isn’t!

Another way to fake a tongue piercing is to purchase a captive bead ring, pop out the captive ball, and slide the ring over the tip of your tongue. Squeeze the sides of the ring gently to tighten the captive ring over your tongue. You won’t be able to push the ring back quite as far as a traditional tongue ring would sit on your tongue, but you can still fake someone out with this alternative fake tongue ring option!Captive Rings You Can Wear Without the Ball to Create a Fake Tongue Ring

Tongue piercings are the international symbol for sexy divas and true players alike, so a fake tongue piercing is also a fun way to sexify your wardrobe when you’re going out on the town. This is a great option if you have a job where such body piercings aren’t allowed or you aren’t a candidate to have your tongue pierced. Just pop on a dental-grade acrylic fake tongue piercing ball or slide a captive ring over the tip of your tongue to look like you have the real deal and feel H-O-T!

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