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Gold Tongue Ring Options

Ready to upgrade your jewelry, but don't know where to find the perfect gold tongue ring? We offer several custom gold tongue ring options and over 75 gold tongue ring tops. Check out some of our favorites, including gold tops shaped like spiders, bees, dragonflies, skulls, and flowers, learn where to find all of our gold tongue ring options, and get tips for switching your current tongue ring to a gold tongue ring here.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Once your tongue piercing is fully healed and you’re ready for some more sophisticated new jewelry, be sure to check out our Gold Tongue Ring options and our gold tops for tongue rings. When it comes to gold tongue rings and all other types of body jewelry, we offer a wide variety of gauges, lengths, ball sizes, and styles online.

We carry gold tongue rings in sizes 18g-10g, but if you’re getting a new barbell to replace your starter one, you’ll likely want to shop for a 14g gold tongue ring. 14g is the most common starting size for tongue rings, and it’s best to stick with the size you were pierced with for at least the first few months. Over time, your fistula will strengthen and become reinforced, making it easier for you to stretch to a larger gauge later, if desired.

When you’re ready to change your jewelry, you have two options: You can either purchase a cool gold top in the same size and with the same threading as your starter top ball (typically internally threaded 14g, but confirm with your piercer), or you can replace your whole tongue ring with a new 14k gold straight barbell. We carry 75+ unique gold top options, giving you a multitude of possibilities if you decide to just replace your top ball. Choose from beautiful tops with jewels set in gold, solid gold balls in both 14k white gold and yellow gold, tops in cool shapes, like bees and skulls, and many other designs. Here are some of our favorite 14g internally threaded gold tongue ring tops:

14K White & Yellow Gold Tongue Ring Tops

Gold Skull Tongue Ring Tops Jeweled Gold Tongue Ring Top Bezel-Set Square Jeweled Gold Tongue Ring Tops
Diamond Eye Jeweled Gold Tongue Ring Top Gold Bee Tongue Ring Top to Replace Your Top Ball Jeweled Sunburst Gold Tongue Ring Top
Jeweled Gold Flower Tongue Ring Top Jeweled Round 14k Gold Tongue Ring Top
14k White or Yellow Gold Gem Ball for Tongue Rings Fleur de Lis Jeweled Gold Tongue Ring Top Prong-Set Red Jewel 14k White Gold Tongue Ring Tops


14K Gold Tongue Rings

If you decide you want to replace your entire tongue ring with a 14k gold barbell with gold top and bottom balls, then check out our custom gold tongue rings. You can pick from sizes 18g, 16g, 14g, 12g, and 10g, as well as your choice of lengths, and with your preferred ball size/type. Want the top and bottom balls to be different sizes? Maybe you need a smaller bottom ball for your gold tongue ring so that it doesn’t dig into the bottom of your mouth and cause an irritation? Looking for a sparkly gem ball for the top instead of a solid gold ball? If so, we’ve got you covered! Our custom 14k gold tongue rings have solid gold and gem ball options, and you can use the custom notes field to specify that you want balls in 2 different sizes, if desired.

Photo of 14g 1" threaded taperChoosing the Right Length Barbell

Your starter barbell will likely be much longer than the size you’ll want going forward, to allow for swelling during the tongue piercing healing process. Once you’re fully healed, you can switch to a shorter, more comfortably-fitting barbell. If you’re not sure what length to choose when ordering a new solid gold tongue ring, keep in mind that 5/8″ is the standard length for tongue piercing barbells. Depending on the thickness of your tongue and the depth of the space beneath your tongue, you may need a longer or shorter barbell.

You may want to consult with your piercer to determine the best barbell length for you to use after the initial healing process, before you invest in a custom gold tongue ring. Or, you can measure your starter jewelry from end to end, not including threading or balls, and choose a slightly shorter length for your new solid gold tongue ring.

Inserting Your New Gold Tongue Ring

To make it easier to change your tongue ring by yourself, you may want to purchase one of our threaded tapers in the same gauge as your new jewelry. Once you have the taper and your new tongue ring in hand, just screw the barbell with one ball still attached to it into the threaded taper, and slowly work the taper through your tongue piercing until you’ve pulled the barbell all the way through. Then, unscrew the taper, screw on the other ball or decorative end, and voila! You’ve successfully switched from your starter barbell to a new gold tongue ring! If you have trouble making the switch, you can ask your piercer for help.

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