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Picture and Logo Tongue Rings

Picture and logo tongue rings are a cool way to express your individuality, and we offer more picture logo tongue ring options than you'll find nearly anywhere else in the world! Choose from flat-topped, standard ball, and two-sided ball-topped tongue rings featuring a wide variety of graphics, like hearts, smiley faces, cards, dice, cherries, and cool phrases like "Bad Girl", "Pimp", "Got Pot?", and more.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Logo Picture Tongue RingsPicture and logo tongue rings are a fun way to let your individuality shine and show off the things you love. We offer a wide variety of licensed NFL football tongue rings, licensed MLB baseball tongue rings, picture tongue rings with smiley faces, hearts, flowers, and a variety of other symbols on them, fun phrase tongue rings featuring things like “Bad Girl”/”Good Girl” and “Fuck Milk”/”Got Pot?” on the top and bottom balls, and many other picture logo tongue ring options. With such a vast selection at your fingertips, you’re sure to find the perfect tongue ring to show the world who you are… as you stick your tongue out at it! Pimp Tongue Ring | Pimp Picture Logo Tongue Rings

Glance at our logo tongue ring pictures to get an idea of the many options we carry. If you want to see the full list of logo picture tongue ring options available to you, though, you’ll have to visit individual product detail pages, like this tongue barbell that comes with 200+ picture and phrase options. (Scroll through the drop-down menu on that page to see phrase options like “Money”, “Eternity”, “Vegetarian”, and “Naughty”, and picture options like cherries, cards, dice, and flames.) As you peruse our selection of logo picture tongue rings, you’ll see that you can get either a standard ball-topped tongue ring, a flat-topped barbell, or a double-sided image ball tongue ring featuring your image or phrase of choice. Porn Star Tongue Ring | Flat-Topped Disc Porn Star Tongue RingYou can also specify your preferred 316L surgical stainless steel shaft length and gauge, and we’ll send your picture/logo tongue ring to you with a matching surgical steel bottom ball. With so many size and design options available, our picture and logo tongue rings are actually some of the most custom tongue rings you’ll find on our site… and we offer hundreds of customizable tongue rings!Double-Sided Frowney & Smiley Face Tongue Rings

If you’re not sure what size picture logo tongue ring to get, note that 14g is the most common gauge for tongue rings, and 5/8″ is the most common length for tongue ring shafts. That said, we offer a wide variety of other options for those who need longer or shorter barbells, different sized balls, or alternative materials. With so many choices, you’re sure to find a picture logo tongue ring in exactly the right size for your tongue. Even if you don’t find a picture or logo tongue ring you love, you’re sure to find another cool tongue ring amidst our selection of more than 400 straight barbells. It would be nearly impossible not to, since Painful Pleasures offers more gauge-length-style-material combinations than just about any other body jewelry supplier in the world.

Shop our Picture and Logo Tongue Rings selection now, or check out our Tongue Ring Information Guide to see all of the many informative tongue ring and tongue piercing articles available in our library.

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