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Tongue Ring Information Guide

We offer a variety of tongue piercing and tongue ring articles, and we've put together this handy guide to help you more easily navigate all of that helpful tongue piercing information. Peruse our lists of tongue piercing and tongue ring articles, read synopses of the articles, and click on any title to read an article in its entirety.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Pierced Tongue | Tongue Piercing PicturesWe offer a variety of tongue piercing information articles and tips for purchasing different types of tongue rings. To help you navigate all of this information more easily, we’ve put together this handy Tongue Ring Information Guide. We’ve divided all of our tongue piercing articles into two sections: Tongue Piercing Information and Tongue Ring Information. Every article is listed along with a brief synopsis of it and a link to the article, so that you can quickly jump to the info that interests you most and find the answers to all of your tongue piercing and tongue ring questions.


Tongue Piercing Information

  • Tongue Piercing FAQs – Read the answers to people’s most common tongue piercing questions, like how much tongue piercings cost and where to get a tongue piercing. This guide also includes tongue piercing aftercare information, tips for how to stretch a pierced tongue, and more.
  • About Tongue Piercings – Learn what’s involved with getting a tongue piercing and about the aftercare process, changing your jewelry, and potential tongue piercing problems.
  • Tongue Piercing Aftercare – Ensure that you don’t get an infected tongue piercing by following our tongue piercing aftercare advice.
  • Worried You May Have an Infected Tongue Piercing? Learn what signs of infection to look out for after having your tongue pierced, how to prevent infection, and what to do if you get an infected tongue piercing.
  • Videos – Learn about all the cool videos you can find on the Painful Pleasures YouTube channel.


Tongue Ring Information

  • Tongue Barbells – Learn about the different names for tongue rings, the tongue ring options we carry, and more. Photo of blackout disco ball tongue ring
  • Playboy Tongue Rings – This page explains why Playboy body jewelry, and specifically Playboy tongue rings, are popular.
  • Tongue Rings for Women – This article discusses the best tongue ring options for women.
  • Fake Tongue Rings – Play a prank on a conservative family member or friend with a fake tongue ring, or wear one as a sexy accessory without the commitment of a real piercing!
  • Cheap Tongue Rings – We offer the world’s largest assortment of inexpensive yet good-quality tongue rings available and break down the dangers of cheaply-made tongue rings in this article.
  • Tongue Ring Jewelry – There are many different types of tongue rings available. Explore all of your tongue barbell options here.
  • Picture and Logo Tongue Rings – Tongue rings with pictures and logo tongue rings are very popular because they allow you to express yourself with a wide range of designs and cool sayings.
  • Custom Tongue Rings – Many of our tongue rings are available in your choice of lengths, gauges, styles, and materials. Learn how to create your custom tongue ring now!
  • Wholesale Tongue Rings – Painful Pleasures offers the world’s largest assortment of wholesale tongue rings, and we sell at wholesale prices even to the general public!
  • Gold Tongue Ring Options – We offer a nice assortment of 14k gold tongue rings you can choose from, both in standard sizes and custom tongue ring sizes.
  • Clear Tongue Ring Jewelry – If tongue rings are not acceptable where you work or you need to hide your tongue ring while around conservative friends or family, consider getting a clear or pink tongue piercing retainer.
  • Cool Tongue Rings – If you’re looking for a unique, cool tongue ring with a fun top, cool colors, logos, etc., on it, check out our Cool Tongue Rings page!
  • Tongue Rings – This page includes standard tongue ring sizing information and a list of all the types of tongue rings we carry.


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