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Tongue Ring Jewelry

Painful Pleasures is proud to offer one of the best selections of tongue ring jewelry you'll find anywhere online, with more than 400 straight barbells from which to choose when shopping for your perfect tongue ring jewelry. Learn about the most common tongue ring sizes and the many tongue ring styles available to you, including solid titanium tongue rings, 316L surgical stainless steel tongue rings, gold tongue rings, and our many unique tongue ring designs, including vibrating tongue rings, whistle top tongue rings, and more.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Koosh Ball Tongue RingsPainful Pleasures offers more tongue ring jewelry than nearly any other body jewelry company, giving you more than 400 straight barbell options to shop when you’re looking for the perfect new tongue ring to add to your collection. We sell our tongue rings at wholesale prices even to the general public, but our cheap tongue rings are far from cheaply-made. We use only the highest-quality materials for our tongue ring jewelry, including 316L surgical steel, solid titanium, balls and other ends made from high-quality metals and watertight, dental-grade acrylic, and other top-notch materials. Here are our main tongue ring jewelry shopping categories for you to peruse:

Tongue Ring Jewelry Options

Acrylic Tongue Rings | Tongue Ring Jewelry With Acrylic Ends Black Tongue Rings | Black Titanium & Surgical Steel Tongue Ring Jewelry 14K Gold Tongue Rings | 14 Karat Gold Tongue Ring Jewelry
Acrylic Tongue Rings Black Tongue Barbells Gold Tongue Ring Jewelry
Jeweled Straight Barbells | Jeweled Tongue Rings Major League Baseball Tongue Rings NFL Football Tongue Rings
Jeweled Straight Barbells MLB Baseball Tongue Rings NFL Football Tongue Rings
Picture Logo Tongue Rings PTFE Flexible Tongue Rings Surgical Steel Straight Barbells
Picture Logo Tongue Rings PTFE Flexible Tongue Rings Surgical Steel Tongue Rings
Solid Titanium Tongue Ring Jewelry Unique Tongue Rings, Like Vibrating Tongue Rings & Whistle Tongue Rings Tongue Vine Tongue Ring Accessory | Tongue Ring Accessories
Solid Titanium Tongue Rings Unique Tongue Ring Jewelry Tongue Ring Accessories


Tongue Ring Jewelry Sizing Info1" Tapers for Inserting New Tongue Rings in Larger Sizes

If you’re not sure what size tongue ring to purchase, your best bet is to buy a 14g tongue ring with a 5/8″-long shaft. That’s the most popular length-gauge combination for tongue rings. However, some people require longer or shorter barbells, and others prefer to wear tongue rings in other gauges, like 12g, 10g or larger. If you want to make sure you order new tongue ring jewelry in the best size for you, ask your piercer what gauge and length your current barbell is and if s/he thinks you would be better off with a barbell shaft that’s longer or shorter than the one you’re currently wearing. Alternatively, you can purchase tongue ring shafts in a few different lengths to ensure that you end up with one that fits you perfectly.

Most of our 14g externally-threaded straight barbell ends will work with our 8g, 10g, 12g, and 14g externally-threaded shafts, so you should be able to mix and match parts until you find the perfect combination for you. If you want to convert your externally-threaded straight barbell into internally-threaded body jewelry so that you can use any of our cool internally-threaded ends with your tongue ring, just pick up a couple of our 14g converter pieces.

Tongue Ring Shafts in Sizes 8g - 14gIf you decide to switch from a standard 14g barbell to another larger gauge, only go up one size at a time (e.g. 14g to 12g, 12g to 10g, etc.). You may want to purchase a threaded taper to help you insert your larger tongue ring shaft, or ask your piercer to help you change your tongue ring jewelry. Wait at least 6-9 weeks before attempting to increase the gauge of your tongue ring again, so that your tongue piercing has sufficient time to heal in between stretches. You should also go back to doing sea salt solution swishes 2-3 times a day when stretching your tongue piercing, to prevent infection and help your stretched tongue piercing heal well. We offer a variety of oral rinses that you can use to keep your tongue piercing clean in our Oral Piercing Aftercare section.

Shop our large selection of tongue ring jewelry now, or check out our Tongue Ring Information Guide to learn more about all of the different styles of tongue ring jewelry we offer. That guide also includes helpful tongue piercing resources, along with a synopsis of and a link to each article listed.

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