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This product is new, unopened, and expired. It can be used for practice or re-sterilized for professional use. This item has been discounted and is a final sale.
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Brand Precision Needles
Material 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel

Closeout Tri-Beveled Sharp Precision Brand Piercing Needles

Precision Brand Piercing Needles are cut from a custom emery wheel, providing the sharpest piercing needles in the industry. Select non-sterilized Precision Needles are available for purchase at cost. All needles are expired, but unused or new; use these needles for practice or re-sterilize them for use at your shop. Needles come in quantities of 20, 25, 50, or 100 per box, depending on the selected gauge. A chart is provided below with the available sizes and their respective dimensions. These Precision closeout needles are priced per one box of needles of the chosen gauge. Please view Body Piercing Needles if you are looking for sterilized needles or for more needle size and type options.


  • Non-sterilized (expired) Precision Piercing Needles
  • Material:  316L Stainless Steel
  • Available Sizes:  18g – 4g
  • Dimensions and details provided below
  • Price per one box of non-sterilized needles (sizes cannot be mixed within a box)

Available Non-Sterilized Piercing Needles by Gauge:

Gauge (Outer Diameter) Inner Diameter Thickness Length Qty per Box Needle Type
18g~1.03mm 0.67mm 0.18mm 48mm 50 Curved
18g~1.03mm 0.67mm 0.18mm 25mm or 38mm 100 Straight
17g~1.13mm 0.77mm 0.18mm 38mm 100 Straight
16g~1.26mm 0.90mm 0.18mm 75mm 100 Straight
15g~1.46mm 1.10mm 0.18mm 38mm 100 Straight
14g~1.62mm 1.26mm 0.18mm 25mm 100 Straight
12g~2.10mm 1.70mm 0.20mm 38mm or 48mm

38mm x 100
48mm x 50

11g~2.38mm 1.98mm 0.20mm 38mm 50 Straight
8g~3.36mm 2.96mm 0.20mm 38mm 50 Straight
6g~4.20mm 3.70mm 0.25mm 38mm 25 Straight
 4g~5.0mm 4.50mm 0.25mm 38mm 20 Straight
Size Table

Standard Body Jewelry Measurements

The following webchart is a quick reference guide for standard body jewelry measurements and how to measure basic body jewelry. Please print this webchart to help measure your body jewelry accurately.

Size Reference Chart

Visit our PainfulPleasures Infocenter for additional body jewelry information. There, you will find detailed articles on standard body jewelry sizes, how to measure body jewelry, basic body jewelry, and more.

Standard Body Jewelry Threading

Ensure compatibility between standard (non-custom) PainfulPleasures body jewelry parts using the tables below. More information on threading, including custom thread patterns, can be found in our Threading Infocenter article.

Internally threaded jewelry has a threaded post on the top and/or end, which is then inserted into a threaded hole in the barbell shaft.

Internal Thread Patterns by Gauge


18g, 16g

14g, 12g


Internal Thread Pattern

0.8mm or 0.9mm



Externally threaded jewelry has a threaded post on the barbell shaft, which is then inserted into a threaded hole in the top and/or end.

External Thread Patterns by Gauge


18g, 16g

14g, 12g, 10g

External Thread Pattern



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