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Anodizer - Anodization is an electrolytic passivation process that converts a metal surface (often in body jewely niobium and titanium) into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, with an anodic oxide finish. Materials often associated with anodizing include aluminum, titanium, niobium, magnesium, zinc, hafnium, and tantulum. Anodizing occurs by immersing the metal into an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through the medium. We offer Anodization Kits, Andodizer Machines, Anodizing Wands, Scratch Pad for Anodizing Wand, Anodizing Mesh Strainer, Replacement Fuse, Anodizing Wand, and much more. Anodizers are used in the piercing industry to offer clients a variety of colors for their niobium and titanium body jewelry. They are also frequently used in the Dental and Medical industry to finish tools, instruments, and accessories.