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Surgical Markers

Surgical Markers - Surgical markers are great tools for tattoo artists and piercers alike. A piercer can use a surgical marker to mark the spot on a client's skin where s/he plans to pierce, so the client can look and see if they're happy with the placement before the piercing. Tattoo artists can use surgical markers to draw freehand designs on clients' skin to create the template for an entire tattoo or to add accents and embellishments around a transferred design.

We offer Skin Doodler Pens and sterile surgical markers in a variety of options, including our Precision Pen Tips, which are the world's first and only surgical skin markers that are sterile and interchangeable. Since surgical markers have to be throw away or given to a client after use, our interchangeable tips reduce waste by minimizing the part of a surgical marker that has to be thrown away. Learn More