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$35.00 $35.00 Pro Price
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Tina Davies FADE Deep Cool Brown — Perma Blend — 1/2oz Bottle

Tina Davies FADE Deep Cool Brown — Perma Blend — 1/2oz Bottle


$35.00 $35.00 Pro Price
$35.00 $35.00 Pro Price
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    Achieve rich, long-lasting results with Tina Davies pigments. Brought to you by passionate PMU artist + educator Tina Davies, these vivid artist-favorite pigments are designed to make your pigment selection as straightforward and simple as possible. They’re formulated to elevate your PMU artistry with a wide variety of colors, undertones, and values for any client. 

    The Tina Davies FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection gives you eight pigments that offer flexible color and trusted results. FADE pigments are designed to visibly fade into a softer version of the original color 12-24 months after application. Final healed colors will vary depending on the client and the technique you use to apply the pigment. 

    This specifically intended for PMU artists and clients who want beautiful eyebrows without committing to a lifelong shape or color. Brows done with these pigments can be easily refreshed or touched up for years to come. 


    Deep Cool Brown is distinctly cool. This deep-value pigment has the perfect amount of depth for sultry, blackish-brown brows. 

     Use it on its own or to darken other FADE pigments. 

    Pigment Temperature: Cool 

    Opacity Level: Medium low 

    Fitzpatrick Skin Type Suitability: F3-F6 

    Hair Colors: Dark brown, black 


    Technical Specifications: 

    • Color: Deep Cool Brown
    • Part of the FADE eyebrow pigment set 
    • Size: 1/2oz 
    • Visible fading to a softer version of the original color within 12-24 months  
    • Internally-corrected ingredients prevent warm/red fading 
    • High pigment load for a maximum color pay-off 
    • CPNP registered and EU-compliant 
    • Certified as a vegan-friendly product 
    • Sterilized and for professional use only 
    • Comes with FADE eyebrow pigment color chart (for easy pigment selection) 
    • Manufactured in the USA by Perma Blend; created by Tina Davies 
    • Price per one bottle 


    Tina’s Tips: 

    Color Choice: Choose a color that provides the right amount of contrast against your client's skin tone by referring to our Fitzpatrick Skin Type Suitability guide. 

    Stretch: Maintain a firm 3-point stretch while tattooing in order for the pigment to penetrate the skin effectively. 

    Technique: Focus on consistent tattooing movements to ensure a smooth and even pigment deposit into the skin. 

    Layer: Due to the pigment composition, you may need to apply several layers to build up the desired color. 

    Previous PMU: Previous PMU in the skin will impact the healed results. 

    Maintenance:  For optimal results, refresh your client’s brows with a touch-up once they have faded by at least 50%. 


    Product Weight: 0.05 lb

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