Stigma-Rotary® Neuro Tattoo Machine (Body Only) — Nuclear Green

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Weight 0.325200
Brand Stigma
Stigma® Neuro Rotary Tattoo Machine in Nuclear Green (Body Only)

One of the world’s leaders in rotary tattoo machine manufacturing, Stigma-Rotary® is devoted to creating ergonomic, convenient, and nearly indestructible machines for professional tattoo artists.

The remarkably lightweight Stigma® Neuro Rotary Tattoo Machine is a versatile machine that offers artists customizable give and stroke length. The Neuro has a give knob at the top of the piston to adjust the softness, while the stroke length can easily be adjusted from 3mm to 4mm by simply turning a screw on the machine with a small hex key. This machine can also be configured to and left on a preferred setting for those who choose not to make stroke adjustments.

The Stigma® Neuro uses the unique Stigma® cartridge system, one of the most hygienic and controlled cartridge systems available. The Stigma® needle cartridges paired with the Stigma® grips form a dual seal to fully prevent any ink or blood leaks. The external sealing cap of these cartridges also acts as a dampener, providing a little give for smoother shading and crisp lining work.

This machine is compatible with any of the Stigma® MotorPlugs. The Neuro utilizes the hex-drive system and includes a hex spinner to use with the MotorPlug of your choice. The Neuro also comes with two Stigma® needle cartridges, a hex key tool, and Super Lube (synthetic grease).

The Stigma-Rotary® Neuro is available in Black, Nuclear Green, and Red. This listing is for the Stigma® Neuro in Nuclear Green.

Please Note: Discounts will not be accepted with this item.

  • Color: Nuclear Green
  • Machine Weight: 32g
  • Stroke Length: 2.6mm up to 4mm
  • Easily adjustable stroke with no interchangeable parts
  • Hex-drive system allows control over motor cycle
  • Compatible with all Stigma® MotorPlugs (see list below)
  • Compatible with Stigma® cartridge needles
  • Two Stigma® needle cartridges, hex spinner, and hex key tool, and Super Lube (synthetic grease) included
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Available in Black and Red
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Warranty Information:
Stigma-Rotary provides a one year warranty from the purchase date on this tattoo machine. Please refer to the information slip included in the machine box for details regarding the warranty and contact the manufacturer directly if you experience any issues with this machine.
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