Precision Tattoo Armrest with Professional Tripod (2 Box Item)

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Weight 11.0000
Brand Precision

Professional Tattoo and Medical Arm Rest and Tripod by Precision Supplies

Precision’s newest arm rest comes with its own superior quality tripod to provide next level comfort and professionalism at your shop. The Precision arm rest measures 7.75” wide, 11.5” long, and 2.5” thick. The arm rest is black in color and the Precision logo is featured on the top.

The aluminum alloy constructed Precision tripod provides ultimate control over the Precision arm rest. The tripod height is adjustable for use from approximately 28” up to 60” with a folded height of 29”. It has a 3-way pan for maximum rotation with degree indicators and a spirit level. Three gripped handles of different lengths are included to position the armrest with ease. The Precision tripod is of professional and high quality, featuring quick-action leg lever locks with non-slip rubber feet, a geared center column, and a mid-level bracing system for guaranteed security and stability. The quick-release plate mechanism eliminates the need for any tools to assemble the armrest with the tripod and with the included tripod travel bag, storing and/or transporting this Precision armrest has never been easier.


  • Armrest Dimensions:  7.75” (W) x 11.5” (L); 2.5” thick
  • Tripod Maximum Operating Height:  60.6” (1540mm)
  • Tripod Minimum Operating Height:  28.3” (720mm)
  • Tripod Folded Height:  29.1” (740mm)
  • Constructed from aluminum alloy
  • Quick action leg lever locks with non-slip rubber feet
  • 3-way pan with quick-release plate
  • Geared center column and mid-level bracing system
  • Three gripped handles provided in different lengths for easy movement
  • Carrying bag for tripod included
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Price per one Precision arm rest with tripod

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