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Studio Gift Cards

Gift Cards - Do you use Tattoo Management Studio Software in your shop? Painful Pleasures & REV23 Development offer you something awesome to add to your inventory with a small investment: gift cards! We can custom-print gift cards featuring your artwork, or you can purchase one of our standard designs. When you purchase one of our standard designs, we will customize your information on the back of the gift cards.

Once you have the cards in hand, you can either pre-program some with certain denominations or let your customers apply whatever amount they want. When someone brings in a gift card they've received, you can scan it into Tattoo Management Studio to deduct the cost of the body modification they're getting or products they're purchasing, and you can easily keep track of all gift card balances right from Tattoo Management Studio software. Gift cards are a no-fail addition to your inventory that you'll be able to sell year-round.