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Tattoo Ink Cups, Holders & Accessories

Tattoo Ink Cups, Ink Cup Holders, & Tools - We carry a large assortment of tattoo ink cups and related accessories like ink cup holders, ink mixers and empty tattoo ink bottles. All of our ink cups are high-quality, but we recommend our Precision line above all others. Our Precision ink cups are individually wrapped in sterile packaging, so you can open one up, fill it, use it, and then toss the whole tray when you're done tattooing. They're great on the go, especially at conventions and when guesting at other shops.

If you prefer to use individual tattoo ink caps by themselves or arranged in an ink cup holder, we have those, too. Plus, we have Petrify ink "sponge" polymer available in bottles and tea bags for convenient clean-up of inky water and other liquids. All the tattoo ink supplies you need are right here! If you need ink as well, visit our Tattoo Ink section.