Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink

Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink

Japanese Tattoo Ink & Ink Sets

Intenze focused on an ancient Japanese tradition when creating their sumi washes and Japanese Dragon colors--the tradition of Japanese artists grinding their own ink sticks over stones to obtain ink for wash paintings and calligraphy. Those ink sticks, called "sumi" in Japanese, are typically made of either pine soot or oil soot combined with animal glue (called "nikawa" in Japanese), and they yield ink of a superior quality to the prepared inks available. An artist will put a few drops of water on an ink stone, and then grind their ink stick into the stone in a circular motion until a smooth, grey ink of the desired concentration is created.

Sometimes artists ornately decorate their sumi with landscapes or flowers in bas-relief, and some are even highlighted with gold. Intenze drew from this tradition when creating their Japanese inks, which reflect the vibrant colors used to decorate sumi sticks and the rich shades of gray and black that traditional sumi sticks yield.

Every tattoo artist who admires the Japanese style of tattooing will love Inenze's Japanese Dragon tattoo inks. These inks allow you to incorporate the same bold colors and creamy sumi washes found in Japanese art into every Japanese-style tattoo you create.