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Japanese Tattoos

Intenze Ink for Japanese Tattoos

Intenze Ink for Japanese Tattoos - The Japanese style of tattooing incorporates vivid colors and rich black and gray washes into vibrant tattoo designs. To create Japanese tattoo designs, you absolutely have to start with the right color palette, and Intenze provides it with their Japanese Dragon color tattoo inks and sumi washes. Intenze's Japanese tattoo ink colors were developed with the rich tradition of sumi art in mind. The bright colors in their Japanese Dragon line reflect the beautiful shades often found on decorated sumi, and their sumi washes reflect the rich grays and blacks that traditional sumi (ink sticks) yield.

If your style of Japanese tattooing requires supplemental colors to those shown here, visit our Intenze Ink Single Bottles page to purchase individual 1/2 oz., 1 oz., 2 oz., or 4 oz. bottles of Intenze Ink in more than 180 colors.

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