Color Lock Cartridge Tattoo Needles — Open Tip — Box of 10

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Select Color Lock Open Tip Cartridge Needles are expired. These needles are new and unopened, but must be re-sterilized for professional use or can be used for practice. Please see the table featured in the listing for details.
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Brand Color Lock

One Box of 10 Open Tip Cartridge Tattoo Needles by Color Lock — Shaders and Magnums

Color Lock Cartridge Tattoo Needles are specifically designed by industry professionals to help artists create sharp, clear, and precise tattoos.

Color Lock Cartridge Needles feature a medical grade plastic construction, which helps to prevent the backflow of ink during procedures. Compatible with most cartridge grips on the market, these cartridge needles easily twist and lock into place. They are also compatible with most rotary and coil tattoo machines. These open-tip style needles provide the most consistent needle strokes so you can achieve utmost clarity and precision during tattoo procedures.

This listing is for one box of 10 open-tip cartridge needles by Color Lock. These cartridge needles come in Mag Shader, Round Mag (Curved Mag), Tight Round Mag (Tight Curved Mag), and Tight Mag Shader configurations.

Please Note: Color Lock refers to their Curved Magnum configurations as Round Magnum. For Curved Magnum configurations, please check out for Round Magnum. #10 needles are labeled as Tight.


  • Needle Tip Style: Open
  • Needle Type: Mag Shader, Round Mag (Curved Mag), Tight Round Mag (Tight Curved Mag), Tight Mag Shader
  • Needle Diameter: #10 (Tight), #12
  • Compatible with most cartridge grips; locks easily into place
  • Compatible with most tattoo machines (rotary and coil)
  • Can be used for color or black and grey work
  • Needles offer smoother, more consistent strokes
  • EO (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized and individually packaged
  • Price per one box of 10 needle cartridges

Expiration Chart:

Cartridge Type Expiration Date
7 Tight Mag Shader 08/2019
7 Tight Round Mag 08/2019
9 Tight Mag Shader 08/2019
9 Tight Round Mag 08/2019
11 Tight Mag Shader 08/2019
11 Tight Round Mag 08/2019
13 Tight Mag Shader 08/2019
13 Tight Round Mag 08/2019
7 Mag Shader 08/2019
11 Mag Shader 08/2019
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