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The Naked Truth About Elementals Organic Body Jewelry

Are the pieces from our Elementals Organic Body Jewelry and Elementals Evolved product lines really made from all-natural materials? Where do the raw materials come from and how are they crafted into the often intricate pieces in the Elementals jewelry lines? We tell you all about our Elementals Organics and Elementals Evolved collections and show you some of our most stunning pieces in this week's post, The Naked Truth About Elementals Organic Body Jewelry.

by PainfulPleasures Last Updated: May 16, 2021

Elementals Organics Body JewelryHave you ever wondered how body jewelry can be classified as organic when it's made of a variety of materials, like gold and wood or abalone and silver? Have you had speculations about how natural the materials are in our organic body jewelry lines, Elementals Organics and Elementals Evolved? Maybe you're just wondering where the materials come from and how they're crafted into the often-intricate pieces we offer?

Whatever your questions, we're here to answer them and give you complete transparency into the way the stunning pieces in our Elementals collections are crafted. We make our Elementals organic body jewelry using only the highest-quality natural materials and finely-tuned procedures, so there's nothing to hide. That's why we're happy to share the naked truth about Elementals organic body jewelry with you here.


What Is Organic Body Jewelry?Amethyst Tear Drop Stone Plugs

"Organic" has a somewhat different meaning for body jewelry than it does for food. We don't make jewelry out of pesticide-free fruits and veggies, but we do make it out of other 100% natural materials–things like wood from a variety of trees, abalone and mother of pearl harvested from mollusks, animal bone and horn, minerals and stones like turquoise, hematite and amethyst, and a multitude of metals that occur naturally, like gold, silver and bronze. Each of these materials is handled differently when used to craft body jewelry. Stone, bone and horn can be chiseled and polished, whereas mother of pearl and abalone must be carefully cut. Metals may be super-heated, rolled, hammered, cut, or treated in other ways to achieve different effects. The way materials are manipulated is just an aside, though; it's the fact that each component came from nature that makes the resulting body jewelry organic.


What's Special About Elementals Organics and Elementals Evolved Organic Body Jewelry?

Wood & Turquoise Organic PlugsElementals Organics and Elementals Evolved are Painful Pleasures' two lines of hand-crafted organic body jewelry. Elementals Organics body jewelry is all handmade in Indonesia by talented local artisans, while Elementals Evolved is custom-made to order by our resident artists here in the USA. Together, these two jewelry lines comprise an unparalleled collection of all-natural body jewelry that we've divided into 11 subcategories to allow you to easily shop for organic body jewelry of a specific type (ex. Elementals Organics Ring & Bracelet Collection) or of specific materials (ex. Elementals Abalone, Bone & Mother of Pearl Collection). Each section consists of a stunning array of handmade pieces that have been carefully crafted by the most skilled artisans in the industry to give you a selection of organic body jewelry unlike anything you'll find anywhere else on the web.

Visit our Organic Body Jewelry section to see all the options available to you within our Elementals organic body jewelry lines.


Where Do the Materials Used in the Elementals Collections Come From?

The majority of our Elementals Organics body jewelry is hand-crafted in Indonesia from organic materials native to that region. Some of the materials from our Elementals collections are imported from other areas, though, like the extremely hard, rare pink ivory wood used in our Elementals Evolved line. Pink ivory wood is indigenous to Africa; more specifically, it grows primarily in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. Olive wood is another example of a material which is often imported from other regions, like Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, Portugal, Israel, and elsewhere.


How Is Elementals Body Jewelry Created?Organic Bone Hummingbird Large Gauge Earrings

All of the custom-order wood plugs and tunnels in our Elementals Evolved collection are hand-made right here at Painful Pleasures, in our Maryland-based warehouse. That means that even though the components used to make this jewelry come from other countries, all of the jewelry itself is crafted in the USA. Our resident artists came up with each design in the Elementals Evolved collection, and they make every piece to order onsite. When you place an order for single- or double-flare pink ivory tunnels, thick-walled olive wood tunnels, or blood wood plugs, for example, our artists create your new body jewelry to your specifications–with your choice of wood and in the design and size you've indicated–once they have your order in hand and have cured the wood needed to fill your order appropriately. The curing process is necessary to reduce the chances of the wood swelling or shrinking dramatically after you receive your body jewelry, so you'll get well-fitting custom wood plugs and tunnels every time.

Our Elementals Organics body jewelry is hand-crafted in Indonesia by some of the finest artisans in the industry. They're masters of taking hunks of bone and horn, shards of abalone, sheets of mother of pearl, chunks of stone, and bits and pieces of precious metals, and bringing intricate designs to life using rudimentary tools like carving knives and metal irons.

Since all of our Agate Stone PlugsElementals organic body jewelry is handmade, no two pieces are exactly the same. This is some of the most unique body jewelry you'll find anywhere. We do our best to match up the two pieces that are most alike when you purchase a pair of plugs, tunnels, standard earrings, or large-gauge earrings, but there may be slight differences in color and size because this organic body jewelry is hand-crafted from materials with natural variations. Take the agate stone plugs to the left, for example; they're swirled with alternating milky, dark and semi-translucent colors that are present in different degrees and patterns in every piece.


What Styles of Organic Body Jewelry Are Available?

Whether you're looking for organic body jewelry to wear in standard ear piercings, stretched lobes, another type of body piercing like a labret, lip or belly button piercing, or just around your neck, on your wrist or finger, or in your hair, there's something special for you in our Elementals collection. Use the links below to shop for organic body jewelry by section, or look at our entire Elementals organic body jewelry collection here.

Elementals Organic Body Jewelry

Elementals Abalone, Bone & Mother of Pearl Organic Body Jewelry Collection Elementals Bronze, Gold, Silver, & Stone Body Jewelry Collection Elementals Evolved Custom Wood Plugs & Tunnels

Elementals Abalone, Bone &
Mother of Pearl Collection

You'll find all of our organic body jewelry that's made of mother of pearl, abalone shell and animal bone in this section. Shop for cool stone plugs, large-gauge earrings carefully carved from mother of pearl, abalone shell jewelry, and more.

Elementals Bronze, Gold,
Silver & Stone Collection

If you're looking for tear drop-shaped stone plugs, regular plugs and tunnels made of bone and precious metals, fusion jewelry that merges metals, or standard earrings crafted from gold, silver or bronze, you'll find what you want here.

Elementals Evolved
Custom Plugs & Tunnels

Shop for exotic wood plugs and tunnels hand-crafted in the USA. All of our Elementals Evolved body jewelry is made to your specs, so you'll get perfectly-fitting body jewelry in your favorite style every time.

Mother of Pearl & Gold Plate Organic Earrings Elementals Organics Hair Pick Collection Elementals Organic Ring & Bracelet Collection

Elementals Organics
Earrings Collection

If you want standard earrings, check out this section for all of our French hook and stud-style organic earrings. These organic earrings are made from a variety of materials ranging from gold to silver to wood to leather and beyond.

Elementals Organics
Hair Pick Collection

Our Elementals Organics line includes more than just body jewelry; we also offer a lovely selection of hand-carved wooden hair picks, many of which are inset with eye-catching accents like crushed turquoise or abalone shell.

Elementals Organics Ring
& Bracelet Collection

In addition to earrings, plugs, tunnels and hair picks, you'll find that our Elementals line includes a variety of unique rings and bracelets. Shop for standard rings and bracelets as well as unusual pieces like our 3-finger rings.

Elementals Organics Pendants Collection Elementals Horn Collection Elementals Synthesis Plugs

Elementals Organics
Pendants Collection

Looking for a unique organic pendant to complement your other all-natural body jewelry? You'll find just what you need here in our collection of organic pendants, which are made from carved bone, wood and other natural materials.

Elementals Horn Collection

We carry an assortment of unique body jewelry carved from different types of animal horns here, including dark horn tunnels, ear hangers and plugs, golden horn plugs and large-gauge earrings, horn cheaters, standard earrings, and other unique styles of horn jewelry.

Elementals Synthesis Plugs

Our Synthesis line includes interesting fusions of metal, bone and other materials that we've merged to create seriously stunning plugs. The hand-carved bone inserts are especially intricate and equally beautiful to the other combinations we offer in this section.

Elementals Walrus Bone Jewelry Collection Elementals Organic Wood Body Jewelry Collection  

Elementals Walrus Bone Collection

You'll find all of our walrus bone body jewelry here, including bone plugs, tunnels, cheaters, and other cool body jewelry that's been carefully carved from walrus bone by our talented Indonesian artisans.

Elementals Wood Collection

Our Elementals Wood Collection includes an interesting assortment of large gauge earrings in crazy-cool designs, like dinosaurs and lotus flowers, wood tunnels with animals jumping through, and more.



How Is Organic Body Jewelry Measured?

The way that organic body jewelry is measured is determined by the style. Round plugs, tear drop plugs, and hangers (including spirals, hooks and large-gauge earrings) are all measured in different ways. Learn how to identify the ideal size organic body jewelry for you by deciding what style you want and then reading our How to Measure Organic Body Jewelry article.

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