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Permanent Makeup Needles

Permanent Makeup Needles

Just like tattoo artists, permanent makeup artists use a variety of permanent makeup needles to achieve the range of styles, weights, and textures their clients want. Just like tattoo needles, the range of permanent makeup needles out there can be overwhelming and confusing, even for experienced artists. If you\'re looking for permanent makeup needles but don\'t know where to start, you\'re in the right place

How to Choose PMU Needles

Every needle has a combination of qualities that make it most useful for a certain task. Check out the PMU needle descriptions below to understand which permanent makeup needles you need.

Permanent Makeup Needle Count

Most permanent makeup needles are not individual needles, but tightly clustered groups. This helps deposit permanent makeup pigments more evenly and efficiently. Generally speaking, smaller PMU needle counts are used for smaller details while larger needle counts are used for larger details.

Permanent Makeup Needle Configuration

This is the key aspect of any permanent makeup needle. Configuration refers to the shape of the needle cluster and can be either round, flat, or magnum. Each needle configuration is available in a variety of needle counts.

Permanent Makeup Needle Types

Round PMU Needles

Round needles are good for lining and light shading, depending on their needle count and the tightness of the cluster. Small-count round needles work best for tight, clear lines and detailed shading, such as for beauty marks, lash enhancements, eye and lip liner, and feathered or powdery eyebrow details. Larger counts are useful for more dramatic lining or for filling lips or eyebrows.

Flat PMU Needles

Flat needles are set in a straight line, allowing them to carry and deposit more pigment with a single pass. That means they are most useful for creating clear, dark lines, but they can also be used for shading larger areas than round needles. Flat needles are generally used for creating natural eyebrow effects or for filling lips.

Mangum Needles

Magnum needles consist of multiple flat rows of needles, making them ideal for serious shading and coloring. Stacked magnum needles are the most densely-packed version of this configuration, while woven magnums offer a little more space between each individual needle tip. These are also used for soft eyebrow shading, lip shading, and camouflage procedures.

Permanent Makeup Cartridge Needles

Many permanent makeup machines can use cartridge-style needles, which are disposable, hygienic, and faster to set up than standard permanent makeup needles. Cartridge needles have a pigment reservoir, allowing you to work for longer without interruptions.

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