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Sharps Containers - OSHA defines \"sharps\" as \"any objects that can penetrate a worker\'s skin, such as needles, scalpels, broken glass, capillary tubes and the exposed ends of dental wires.\" OSHA requires that such objects--which include piercing needles, scarification scalpel blades and tattoo needles--be disposed of properly in designated containers, called Sharps containers, after use.

We carry Sharps containers in sizes ranging from 1 quart to 28 gallons, so that you can choose the perfect-sized Sharps container for every location where you pierce, tattoo or perform other body mods. Whether you want several large 2 or 3 gallon Sharps containers for your studio or a small 1 quart Sharps container for your booth at an upcoming tattoo and piercing show, you\'ll find what you need here. We also offer a selection of related supplies, such as Sharps container cabinets that can be conveniently mounted on a wall in your studio and kept locked for your clients\' and employee\'s protection.

Once your Sharps container is full, you can send it away for proper disposal through The Sharps Disposal by Mail System®. We provide details about this program in our Sharps Disposable Recovery System article, which also contains a video about Sharps compliance and the disposal by mail system. For more information about sharps in general and proper handling of sharps, visit OSHA\'s fact sheet, Protecting Yourself When Handling Contaminated Sharps.