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Cheyenne Tattoo Supplies

PainfulPleasures is proud to carry the best tattoo supplies in the world, and Cheyenne tattoo equipment is undoubtedly among the best. Since 2006, Cheyenne has been designing and manufacturing innovative and high-end tattoo equipment in collaboration with select tattoo artists from around the world. If you’re looking for durable, beautiful, and versatile tattoo machines and equipment, you’re looking for Cheyenne tattoo. 

Cheyenne Tattoo Machines & Motors

Cheyenne tattoo machines and motors are renowned for their power, reliability, precision, and sleek aesthetic. We carry the industry-favorite Cheyenne Hawk Pen in a variety of colors, as well as their Sol Luna, Sol Terra, Thunder and Spirit models. You can buy the motors by themselves, or add value by purchasing one of our Hawk or Spirit packages, which includes the motor, a grip, and 15 boxes of Cheyenne needles. 

Cheyenne Tattoo Grips

Made for seamless integration with Cheyenne cartridge needles, Cheyenne tattoo grips provide stable, comfortable, and ergonomic control for any style of tattooing. Cheyenne grips are also incredibly versatile due to their unique Click System, which allows for quick and easy adjustments to the needle protrusion with a simple turn of the grip. Select from a variety of sizes, colors, and designs for the perfect fit, or pick up some sterile disposable grips for even greater flexibility and setup speed.

Cheyenne Tattoo Cartridge Needles

Cheyenne is one of the tattoo industry’s foremost innovators when it comes to needle technology. Their cartridge needle systems feature a patented Safety Membrane that provides exceptional safety by preventing ink and blood from coming into contact with the rest of the machine. Cheyenne needle cartridges come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to tackle any style or design, and they can be changed mid-session in moments.

Cheyenne Tattoo Power Supply

Cheyenne offers three different power units—PU I, PU II, and PU IV—that provide various features and functions. PU I allows connection to a single machine, while PU II can power two machines for greater speed and fewer hassles on complex pieces. The PU IV is Cheyenne’s top-tier power supply that is optimized for low-frequency operation, featuring a clean digital display, magnetic or clip-on mounting, and two footswitch modes. Regardless of which model you choose, you’ll be getting the power, control, and simplicity of Cheyenne tattoo power supply.

Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment & Accessories

Get all the additional accessories you need for optimal performance of your Cheyenne machine, including power cords, phono tip cords, adapter cables, and footswitches.