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Tattoo Battery Packs

Even the best tattoo machines in the world are of no use without a quality tattoo power supply. Since the invention of wireless tattoo machines, artists can tattoo without the pain of cables getting in their way. Wireless tattoo machines run off battery packs, which wirelessly feed power to the tattoo machine.


Battery Pack Basics


Battery packs control the voltage flowing to your tattoo machine, which determines how hard the tattoo needle hits. There is no single ‘correct’ voltage at which you should run your tattoo machine, since the appropriate voltage depends on the style and specs of your tattoo machine, the style of the tattoo, your preferences as an artist, and the location on the body being tattooed. Generally speaking, lining and bold tattoo styles will want higher voltages (~5.5V and up), while shading, blending, and softer tattoo styles will want lower voltages. Most battery packs offer some range of voltage adjustments.


Picking the Best Battery Pack


There are many battery packs available for your wireless machines, but which one is best for you depends entirely on your set up and needs. We offer a wide range of wireless battery packs so you can find a set up that is best suited for your needs.

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