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Piercing Tools

Body Piercing Tools

At first glance, body piercing might seem pretty simple: take a needle, make a hole, insert jewelry. But while piercing needles are certainly essential, there are many other piercing tools that piercing professionals use every day. Here you\'ll find all the body piercing tools and instruments you need to pull off the perfect piercing every time.

Types of Professional Body Piercing Tools

There are lots of miscellaneous body piercing instruments piercers use to ensure precision and control during piercing. Here you\'ll find a selection of high quality piercing tools including tweezers, suture scissors, and lighting and magnification tools.

Piercing Pliers, Forceps, and Hemostats

Aside from the needles themselves, these piercing pliers, forceps, and hemostats are some of the most basic piercing tools in the piercer\'s toolbox. Specialized forceps allow you to securely hold the skin during piercing, while hemostats help secure jewelry components during installation or removal. Opening and closing pliers can also assist in the installation and removal of circular barbells and captive bead rings.

Body Piercing Tapers

Body piercing tapers are typically used either to stretch a piercing to a larger size, or to assist with the installation of threaded jewelry. You\'ll find a wide selection of both taper styles sold by PainfulPleasures.

Body Piercing Markers

Piercers use body piercing markers to make sure piercing sites are correctly located. Whether you prefer a surgical skin marker or the old school gentian violet and toothpicks approach, you\'ll find what you need here.

Dermal Punch & Piercing Tools

Dermal piercing tools are relatively rare, and if you want to perform them you\'ll need some specific tools like a dermal punch and specialized forceps. With the proper training and technique, these dermal piercing tools will help you safely pierce and install a dermal anchor and jewelry.

Piercing Ball Grabber Tools

Barbells and captive bead rings are some of the most common body jewelry styles out there, but they\'re also some of the most annoying to change and install due to their small screw-on components. With specialized piercing ball grabber tools, however, you\'ll never have to worry about losing those tiny pieces again.

Body Piercing Calipers

Piercing calipers allow you to quickly and easily measure all the important specs and dimensions of body jewelry including gauge, length, and inner diameter. We carry both standard and digital piercing calipers.

Body Piercing Corks & Receiving Tubes

Piercing corks and receiving tubes are used to safely catch the piercing needle after it passes through the skin. Here you\'ll find affordable corks, as well as plastic, glass, and steel receiving tubes.

If you\'re looking to save some money, try buying an assortment of needles, jewelry, and tools together in one of our body piercing kits.